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Jack in the Box Corporate Office Address: 9330 Balboa Ave., San Diego
CA, 92123
Fax: 858-571-2101
Phone: 858-571-2121

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Jack in the Box, Inc. is a fast food restaurant chain which was founded in 1951 by Robert O. Peterson. It currently has 2,200 outlets, most of which are located in the West Coast of the US. Some of the most popular items on their menu include the Jumbo Jack, the Ultimate Cheeseburger, and the Sourdough Jack. Aside from their burger business, Jack in the Box also operates over 575 branches of Qdoba Mexican Grill, a casual eatery that mainly serves Mexican cuisine.

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veronica November 12 2012
I was charged twice for a order. my family and I visited the Dayton texas store and the do called manager waited on us. she claimed my card did not cover the amount, so my friend used her card. when we got home I realized that my card was charged 14.31 the amount of the order. we went back to the store to correct this but we were given the run around and a 800 number that did not help at all! I WANT MY MONEY BACK AND COMPENSATION FOR WASTING MY GAS!!!!!I AM SO PISSED, I WILL NEVER EAT AT THE STORE AGAIN

Cheri December 10 2012
My section at an Angeles game won a free Jumbo Jack for a year, 52 coupons were given to each person in my section at an Angels Baseball Game. I went to the Jack In The Box on Heim and Tustin Ave in Orange. I went to give him the coupon and he asked me where I got it so I told him. He (the manager) then told me he could not accept the coupon because someone had "stolen" some and he did not know if these were them. These coupons are good thru Dec 31, 2012 and have no serial #'s on them. How can he tell me they are no good? Is this how Jack in the Box works! I will NEVER go to that store again and am thinking about telling Angels Baseball that you are not a valued supporter, providing gifts to the fans and then when they try to use them tell them "sorry we had some stolen and yours may be some of them"! I do not steal first off and they think I am stealing a Jumbo Jack! really. Besides, what difference would it make to him, they went to approx 500 people and who knows how many people shared their coupons with family and friends.

michelle January 30 2013
Jack in the box in saginaw texas is open 24 hours a day but hete lately they are closed when i come through. Why is that if they are 24 hours

Judy Mooney February 21 2013
It would be so great if you would bottle you taco sauce. I save the packs to use on food at home. Is there a chance you may do this?

no name March 04 2013
I wanted to know is it possble or against the rule to rehired someone if they got fired? Just wondering.

Denise March 09 2013
Well I went to Jack In the box on Inwood Ave in Dallas Tx and the food was good how ever the girl taking my order was really slow while she was taking my order. she handed my my order and I specifically asked her for taco sauce and she said it was in the bag . I got home with food and no taco sauce . This is not the first time this has happened . and who wants to go back for that cause the food would be cold by the time you get back home .

Denise March 09 2013
Well I went to Jack In the box on Inwood Ave in Dallas Tx and the food was good how ever the girl taking my order was really slow while she was taking my order. she handed my my order and I specifically asked her for taco sauce and she said it was in the bag . I got home with food and no taco sauce . This is not the first time this has happened . and who wants to go back for that cause the food would be cold by the time you get back home .

Myron P Lichterman March 19 2013
Attn:new regional manager overseeing store located in Miraloma,Riverside County, at corner of Limonite and Etiwanda.

URGENT request for you to call me at 949=836-4351 ASAP regarding me being VERBALLY HARRASSED/treated RUDELY/UNFRIENDLY/THREATENED by two employees, one of which has been guilty of this on another occasion several months ago and manager, Jose, who was not present this morning, has demonstrated his Prejudice against me, even though I am a paying customer for more than FIFTEEN months!! In addition I am a caucasion Senior citizen who is being REVERSED PREJUDICED against by mostly hispanic employees that run this operation. I am looking into contacting the Riverside office of aging to ask for their assistance.

Cindy Leipart May 26 2013
Your customer service has become a joke. They are rude, interrupt and talk to you like your stupid. You can thank your people in Apache Junction Az for chasing this customer away!

Mikee May 26 2013
Jack in the box in Odessa Tx.On Friday 24,2013 6am an employee
Was asked to throw away expired bread.Manager shows up
At 9am realizing that she did not order bread for the day.And
Asked the employee to take bread out of dumpster.An employee
Called health department.Next day the manager asked employees
Who called,that she will find out and take action.She does not
even think about customers getting sick.The general manager,owners,
do not care.All they care about is money.Employees quit work
because they get cheated out of hours and do not recieve a paycheck
Come payday.Yes,Odessa Texas,42nd Street

Dave Moore June 10 2013
Went to Jack-in-the-Box several times in one day and they still could not get my order right. The employees, the managers that work in the Hercules Jack-in-the-Box are not friendly nor are they Professionals. I am very dissatisfied with the service that they have Provided.

Gail Martin July 06 2013
The commercial now onn TV is disgusting and I want be going to eat at Jack In The Box anymore. I think that will turn a lot of people away.

Edith janssens January 29 2014
You are sending the wrong message with the new commercials , that are
Clearly are refuring to the use of MJ.
I will make sure that I will sent the message to anyone I talk to to boycott your
Food chain .

mike franklin September 09 2014
on 8/30/2014 I had gone to JIB in Texas.
I had witnessed a young girl being accused of being 20 dollars short. The mgr Rosy, she had yelled at her so everyone there could hear her. She yelled at her 4 times. I call JIB to tell them about what I had witnessed, I was told that a District manager would call me. one week later, no call. Now I called the customer service number again. They said that they will make sure that I get a call back the next day. Still no call...

vic June 10 2015
i went to jack in the box in spruce at south sf they i saw none of the workers are wearing hand gloves and making sanwiches

Val Herrera October 16 2015
The service is bad. The manager has no control of her employees.
I waited 30 min got tacos..

Dorcas Blackmon January 26 2016
I would like to be vindicated for the service as a customer and an employee. Before I had the experience to become an employee of this Jackinthebox location, i had reported roaches crawling out of my taco bag. And had the experience of receiving tacos through Drive-thru cold as heck. Ive also had the experience of my customers complaining of spending large amounts of cash to receive cold food and incorrectly made. These customers were upset because they had to wait in line so long and then receiving cold food. I had worked for this location about 20 years ago and had the experience of knowing how this business is supposed to be in circulatory function, There is no correct training no orientation when hired. Ive investigated on how the sanitation is done. There is no structure here as far as discipline as an employee. There is partiality going on within the manager-employees. There is more than myself who has experienced injustice and have not been fairly treated. Ive experience seeing roaches in the Ice machine and throughout this location. You have a employee who calls himself a manager/someone in charge but you say its not your job to train me. Ive presented a business like attitude with this employee whom has made it so difficult to work with him that Ive had to call the police on him at the work place because of his behavior. Ive been reporting certain actions to the manager but I got no response and so have other employees who gave me the inside scoop on the things that are happening at this present time. Ive talked to this manager concerning this employee on the floor while working and had private conversations with her but no actions were taken. This employee does drugs, namely marijuana and talks on the phone the whole time he is there. So I have to explain to the customers why their food is cold why its taking so long to have to put up with his unnecessary behavior. Ive experienced him cursing ppl out on the floor and acting unprofessional in the work place.