J.B. Hunt Transport Services Corporate Office

J.B. Hunt Transport Services Corporate Office Address: 615 J.B. Hunt Corporate Dr., Lowell
AR, 72745
Fax: 479-820-3418
Phone: 479-820-0000

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jrays307@gmail.com November 12 2013
I am trying to find out about your lease progam.Please have someone call me.Jimmy Bennett 254 998 0625

Shirley Curtis April 03 2015
I was traveling on Interstate HWY 94 East at 9:10 am this morning at mile marker 83 a JB Hunt tractor trailer pulled into the left lane to pass an other semi-truck and he accomplished this by mile marker 91 that is 8 miles that both lanes were blocked on I-94. Michigan passed a law last month that no vehicle can ride the left lane and if you are in the left lane and you do not pass a vehicle within 1 mile the police will stop you and give you a ticket and the value is 6 POINTS. I am the safety director for Tap Transportation and have been involved with safety for semi-trucks for 19 years so please pass on the information I am sharing with you or you will have a driver shortage due to points on their drivers license. This is a prime example of why cars do not let semi trucks out when they have their turn signal on. Please respond.