Intuit Corporate Office

Intuit Corporate Office Address: 2700 Coast Ave., Mountain View
CA, 94043
Phone: 650-944-6000

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Intuit, Inc. is a leading developer of computer software which are used for managing personal finances, consumer tax preparation, and small business accounting. The company also offers: software which can be used for industry-specific accounting; management applications for health care, construction, and retail organizations; payroll services; and other products and services which are geared for financial institutions. Some of the products of Intuit include Billing Manager, GoPayment, Intuit Eclipse, ProSeries, QuickBase, QuickBooks, Quicken, QuickTax, and TurboTax.

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Jeffrey Edward Hollister July 08 2013
I am in the process of getting new debit card numbers after banking/hacking problems. Could not find phone number or email help for website administrations. Would like to access account for service structure soon. would send payment forms, difficult to contact website billing administration. Where do I send money orders or should I just wait for card to activate to reenact login/account billing. no access to site administration-billing options.

andrew krinock December 06 2013
I have been trying to solve a downloading issue (downloading bank data written but not paid) for over an hour. Then I spent 1/2 hour finding a number to call to get help without success. I am writing to get a phone number for help. My e-mail is My phone is 626-441-2615

tonya griffith January 28 2014
I have been given the complete run around by everyone I have talked with about this issue. I have spoken to more than 5 different agents. I believe that Proseries dont not want to refund my 162.50 for the unused PPR from last year, when all I want it my refund to purchase my new software. I beleive that they are using stall tacts and Im very very upset.

I will NOT be use Proseries tax software any longer