IMAX Corporation Corporate Office

IMAX Corporation Corporate Office Address: 2525 Speakman Dr., Mississauga
ON, L5K 1B1
Fax: +1-905-403-6450
Phone: +1-905-403-6500

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IMAX Corporation is a theater company based in Canada. It designs and manufactures a variety of equipment including IMAX cameras and projection equipment. It also performs film development, film production, film post-production, and film distribution to different IMAX affiliated theaters around the globe. The company has operations in Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York City.

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gary kay April 20 2013
my wife and I visited the IMAX theater in Nyack, NY (Palisades Mall) with complementary passes with no expiration date and valid explicitly for ALL IMAX presentations of 60 minutes or more at that particular IMAX theater and subject only to show, seat, and space availability. NEVERTHELESS the manager on duty would not honor the passes arguing first that they were only for documentaries, the not for opening day, then not for feature films. We went to see Oblivion at 1PM and waited around till show time at 1:45. The theater was to all intents and purposes empty or nearly so, No lines, no people actually, and no one at the concession stand which was visible. We traveled an hour each way for this stupid disappointment. Could you kindly instruct management at IMAX, Nyack to honor your passes. These were an admittedly old passes, recently rediscovered, but having NO EXPIRATION DATE. Given an e-mail address, I can send you images. Can you please instruct theater management to honor them.

Helen Creamer April 24 2015
When and will IMAX show the movie "Water Diviner" ?