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HSN Corporate Office Address: 1 Hsn Dr., St. Petersburg
FL, 33729
Phone: 727-872-1000

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Formerly known as the Home Shopping Club, HSN or the Home Shopping Network is a home shopping television network that airs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It sells a wide range of products which fall into numerous categories including jewelry, beauty, fashion, health and fitness, home decor, kitchen and dining, electronics, toys, collectibles, and personalized gifts.

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Candy Summerlin December 11 2012
I bought 2 le pan tablets from HSN one of them had a bad charger so I contacted HSN and le pan both said they would send another charger free of charge, now it is passed the 30 days to send back the tablet I have been calling both HSN and lepan since 10-27-2012. I am a senior and have a fixed income I can't affored this kind of loss please I don't know what else to do or who to contact.
Please help..

Jennifer December 20 2012
I have had horrible customer service experience with HSN. I ordered something on Dec 3rd. Here I am on the 20th no information on it shipping, if it'll ship or get here before Christmas. Yet when I call or do live chat I get automated robot responses saying it will be here on or before the 21st. Well that is TOMORROW. I have NO confidence that it'll be here when I have no tracking information and neither does HSN. HORRIBLE.

penni nachman wexler February 22 2013

To: Mindy Grossman, CEO
Sent: Thu, Feb 21, 2013 7:02 pm
Subject: Please forward this email to whom it is addressed: Ms. Mindy Grossman, CEO

651 Bering Drive, No. 105 Houston, Tx. 77057

Ms. Mindy Grossman, CEO
HSN Corporation

Re: HSN's Lack of Quality Control in Merchandise Selection & In What Is Shipped To HSN Customers

Dear Ms. Grossman,

Based on my most recent shopping experiences & the two necklaces that were shipped to me in October & the one that I received today, I am questioning what has happened to HSN?

In October, one of the necklaces that I ordered: 754576131 & pictured enclosed (#6057) was shipped to me in chipped with pieces of the necklace in the box. So, I recently decided to give your company another try & ordered the Jay King Lapis Heart necklace, picture enclosed (#0618).

When I placed the order last week, although I had read in the customer comment section indicating that some had received a damaged or poor quality necklace, because your website indicate there were about 18-20 necklaces left, I thought surely, HSN would have filtered out the poor quality or damaged necklaces, & wouldn't still be sending out to customers the ones with prior issues. Boy was I wrong, today I received the necklace & the defects include that several of the "hearts" are not even heart shaped & the color of the stones is dirty looking & very dull. To add insult to injury, when I called your customer service department about the problem, I was informed that these were sold out so it couldn't be replaced!

So, Ms. Grossman, your company wasted my time, my credit & my position "in line" of getting this necklace in good condition by sending me this defective necklace. I ordered this in good faith that HSN would not still be sending out defective necklaces after learning of the problem, but it looks like your company wanted to keep putting these out to your customers to see if they would stick! Shame on HSN!

HSN was the first on line company that I started shopping with years ago. Since then, because of problems such as these where HSN sends out either knowingly defective merchandise, or due to zero quality control, doesn't bother to check for defects before sending (I don't know which of these lack of standards is worse), I have begun to shop with your competitors. To date, I have not had any of the problems where they have sent me defective merchandise.


Penni Nachman Wexler

-----Original Message-----
From: penhearts
To: webcustomerservice
Sent: Thu, Nov 1, 2012 11:28 pm
Subject: Attention Customer Service Manager

Dear Customer Service Manager:

I am seeking your help re two recent experiences with HSN. It has been sometime since I placed an order with you & based on what I have experienced recently, I am quite disappointed.

1) Re order # 754576131-you will notice that the necklace that you sent me (please open attached picture), doesn't look much like the one I ordered (see below). My order was packaged as follows: 12x14x3.5 in box with zero (0) tissue or packaging material. The blouse was on the bottom of the box; the 3 necklaces were in individual boxes (4x6x1) with nothing to stablize then in the larger box, so there was quite a bit of literal wiggle room. Additionally, I don't believe this broken necklace was checked prior to putting it in the box & there doesn't appear to be have been any quality control in sending this to me. I just received this order tonite when I got home: the blouse is fine & the other 2 necklaces appear ok, but I will inspect further in the morning.

2) Either in late September/early October, I received "VIP Access" brochure from HSN. I was most interested in the Jay King lapis necklace (#212163) featured & because it was advertised in the brochure as available 10/28-29; I kept the brochure so I would remember to look the necklace up on the 28th & possibly order it. So, on the 28th, I tried to find the necklace on your website & then called your "customer service" line when I couldn't find the necklace. The woman I spoke to said that the necklace was available for purchase till midnite (10/29) not the 10/28 as advertised. The supervisor said the necklace was going to be $99.90 but it appeared for less, to order it & call back for an adjustment. She also told me that HSN had 10,000 necklaces so not to worry. So when I finally got to see the necklace & went to place the order, it was $149 & on a waitlist.

So given this dissatsifactory HSN shopping experience, I would be most appreciative if you would please send a pickup on the damaged necklace & refund me all shipping charges. I would also appreciate a code so that I can get on the waitilist for the necklace @ the maximum price I was told it would be $99.00 & a reduced shipping charge, because had it been available as advertised, I would have included this in my original order & would have had reduced shipping fees.

Please let me know who I can elevate my concerns to @ HSN.

Thank you.


Frances Dutton January 22 2014
I want my return to be entered on my order status. I had to make three
Calls to customer service and it is not yet. B

Debra January 08 2016
Im done with hsn. In the past their employees were screwing up my sizes, colors and not
confirming my order, which i would call them and they would say sorry.
I contacted usps ups and told them 2 put my pkgs on side of porch
which it us up 2 steps practically on sidewalk. I said slide it down
Which is easier 4 both of us i hidden view not on glass door ready w be taken
they wont credit me nor resend anything.
lo and behold ny box was busted a neighbor found box with nothing in it jusy my
Name 1so far havent gotten my bday card from mom in florida 2. She never received the epensive make up i sent her.
What is going on!
Hsn im done with u paying sthing someone stole is bad!😈