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Hibbett Sports Corporate Office Address: 451 Industrial Ln., Birmingham
AL, 35211
Fax: 205-912-7290
Phone: 205-942-4292

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Robert Paul Rogers November 01 2012
The lady that runs your cordele store her name is Adriana or something like that. she is the most stuck up unpersonable woman i have ever known. I have spent my last dollar in that store..

joseph November 28 2012
i worked for you for four years and i fired for one bad word on the sales floor. so i want you to know my side

Dana March 19 2013
This corporate office is the biggest joke I have ever seen! No one there seems to know anything! I have tried for a week to get in contact with someone that was supposed to call me over a week ago..seriously! Thanks for all your help

Nancy Spradley-May 1, 2013 May 01 2013
My Granddaughter goes to college and works at a Hibbetts in Statesboro. Her Manager told her she could do her homework if no one was in the store. So she was studying and a man came in which was from Corporate and "caught her studying and her phone was out so that she could google" information. She immediately put her studying down to help him. Instead of wanting help, he wanted the manager who was in the back while she was in the front. The corporate man talked with the Manager (who was responsible for her studyiing) and then called my granddaughter today and FIRED her. Now she has worked for Hibbetts for over one year and has been awarded numerous prases but not one bad write up. The Manager is wrong on this one and so is corporate. The Manager needs to be written up and so should the Corporate man but the girl needs her job to go to school and she does not need to be fired for something that her manager told her she could do.
Just for your information----I intend to let everyone I know (which is a lot over the U.S.) how you treat your valuable employees.

Jessica May 14 2013
Hello, I am an extremely well paying customer at the Winchester, Ky store, as well as other stores in that region. Recently I was in there trying on shoes, and there was a shoe on the shoe sale table that was dirty. Not filthy, but noticeably dirty compared to a brand new shoe. I asked the sales lady why the shoes were dirty and she then informed me that they were instructed to accept dirty shoes as returns to please customers. I found that to be absurd because to please one customer on a return makes other customers dissatisfied when the shoe in their size is dirty. No offense but if I wanted to buy dirty, worn shoes, I would shop at goodwill! Rethinking of your return policy would definitely help your sales, especially from well paying customers. Thank you!

Ashley May 30 2013
I was a employee at Hibbetts Sports in Cordele Ga. The manger Adrianna made it impossible to keep working there. I honestly like working there but the management was awful. She is a extremely rude person to her employees and the customers. She tries to teach one thing but does another. I think action needs to be taken or this store will fall.

Peggy September 26 2013
I was in your store in enid Oklahoma on September 25,2013 and looking at shoes. I noticed your sales associate wearing inappropriate shorts. The young woman had shorts so short they left nothing to the imagination. I would think you had a specific dress code and implemented it. These shorts were so short they stopped BARELY underneath her rear end and the front was even worse. I left the store with my two young sons because of her attire. I hope you do something about this. Does not set a good example of how to dress.

bryan burden January 07 2014
I think its discrimination that our athens alabama store is gonna sale auburn championship shirts if they win bit not fsu shirts if they win its not rite an ya are crazy its so many fsu fans here an ya could make money on im gonna see what i can do about this

ms sims February 22 2014
The employees r makin an additional profit by selling the jordan before the r release the day before and purchasing the jordans for themselves before the customer can buy them its extremely bad at the Pascagoula, Ms store please check into it and check the register slips some shoes were already purchase tonite ..

brandy mccgraw April 29 2014
There is a employee by the name of keyaak amina ridgell in the hibbett store in monticello arkansas who is very rude and helps certain people to steal products! She is also the reason the very last time the store was broken into by feeding the criminals information from the inside! Something should be done about this disgrace of an employee! She does not represent what Hibbett workers should br.

Gabrielle casey August 07 2014
We as a family spend lots of money with your company. In return you can never get your rewards certificates. Please help. This seams to be an on going problem. It this continues we will be forced to drive an extra 15 miles to Academy sports because we always receive there offers. 7706081165 jaco casey

this is not going to be a good comment August 12 2014
my family member works at one of your stores in tarboro, nc . Manager is michelle. She is by far the worst store managers that i have ever met. The store has had the police called several times. My family member went into work the other day and the store manager had posted a note on the calendar board that says :I was watching you last week and i will be looking for you this week" signed by Lebron XOXO. When confronted about this she said nothing and of course my family member was scared that someone was really waiting for her to get off of work. Then manager finally said that she was the one that posted it up there. SHe said you cant live your life in fear. Is this how a store manager suppose to treat their employees. this is not the first incident. I am considering taking this to the police dept. my self. I would like a response please.

Sherman Vogel Assistant Principal at Frankie Ray Technical Center September 04 2014
I live in Natchitoches, Louisiana and work as Assistant Principal at Frankie Ray Jackson Technical Center. I approached your store manager about donating a pair of shoes for each grading period this year (4 grading periods). He was very gracious to me. When the cooperate office was called I was told that they only gave to United Way. I think as a community partner you should consider supporting the area where you make your profits. Our students are "at-risk" of dropping out of school and are at least behind one grade. They are good students who deserve recognition. Other cooperate partners in our area choose a worthy cause to support. Roy O. Martin Timber supports Lakeview High School for example. I am really disappointed that your store will not take this opportunity to support our local community and this worthy effort. Sherman Vogel shermanvogel21@gmail.com

Danya Delapasse September 21 2014
Your Zachary La store has the worst service EVER!!!!! Employees are very unprofessional and unhelpful!!! It has been this way since this store has opened! As a multiple business owner and mother of 4 I will not NEVER shop here again!

RobertX. July 18 2015
I am not satisfied!

Ms. Adams September 26 2015
As of today I will not be going back to Hibbet Sports. My kids and I went in there today to get shoes and when the sales guy which is tall and light skin made a very rude intentional comment about my kids feet and sprayed a odor killer into their shoes and suggested we buy it! I was very offended by what he did and said about my kids and I will be taking further actions.

ramon h gonzalez December 01 2015
I was in a hibbett sports store , and my credit card information was used in a fraudulent charges next day

Sharon Glover January 26 2016
I went into your store in Lake Havasu City AZ. just before Christmas and spoke to the manager about getting baseball pants the same for our baton twirling team. Brought all the girls in after to have them be sure to get the right size. Because there were so many and different sizes they had to be ordered. The order went in on the 4th of January and I was told that they would be in to the store in 4 or 5 days. WRONG they did not get here until the 22th and I was NEVER told they were in, just by chance went in myself to check and was told they were here. Very unhappy with the way the whole order was handled and the way I was treated by your manager and some woman who told me she was the manager only to find out that was a LIE. v