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Hastings Entertainment Corporate Office Address: 3601 Plains Blvd., Amarillo
TX, 79102
Fax: 806-467-8330
Phone: 806-351-2300

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Kaseam Wallace September 30 2012
Your store located on West Davis Street in Conroe, TX has the most disturbing public restroom I've ever seen. I cannot believe the management team at that store have allowed the restrooms to remain so filthy and disgusting for weeks. Nobody cares about the health and safety of customers at that store. The restrooms have nasty bacteria and microorganisms growing around the sinks, counter tops, toilets, walls, and ventilation. Absolutely nothing gets cleaned in the restrooms. The only items attended to on an inconsistent basis are soap dispenser, paper, and trash. I am a regular customer that has observed this for several weeks. I have reported the horrific scene directly to the manager on duty 3 weeks ago, and nothing was done. I also reported the store to OSHA to help facilitate action. Still no improvement after the store received an OSHA incident letter. Today, it's worst.

Larry Freden Enid ok. February 16 2013
I returnees a DVD that didn't work a couple months ago and got a full refund.Today I take another DVD back and no refund. Just cleaned the disk and offered no refund. They did months ago but not now. I will never buy anthing from your stores again . Oh the DVD still dissent work right. It isn't my player , I have other DVDs that play just fine.Your policies and employees sick.

Davia Taylor July 25 2015
It is 1:10p in jonesboro ar at Hastings the checkout line is long and the other desk staff was putting disc in chieck in and ignoring customers. When I asked the male if he was a manger he replied yes then once I explained the problem he was rude to me stating " tell it to her if you got a problem!" Then he walked away.
Why would you allow staff to ignore your business and smart off to the customers. This is horrible for us and your business.