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Great Wolf Resorts Corporate Office Address: 525 Junction Rd. , Ste. 6000 S., Madison
WI, 53717
Phone: 608-662-4700

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Great Wolf Resorts is the largest chain of indoor water parks in the world. They own and operate their family resorts under the brand Great Wolf Lodge. Aside from a water park, each of their resorts features an array of other facilities including specialty restaurants, spas, fitness rooms, arcades, and children\'s activity areas.

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Barbara Durkheimer December 04 2012
customer complaint...left a phone message...your web sight is good but follow thru very poor on email and phone...many calls lost by your staff and not professional in thier response to questions.
I want to know the status of order #451892. No one on your team of telephone operators has the answer...what is going on? Please get back to me. I would be hesitant to ever order again from this organization. It is too much of a hastle.
Barbara Durkheimer

Gary Willis April 03 2013
My wife and I, along with my son, his wife and their 3 kids stayed last night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX. I would like to start with telling you that each employee we came in to contact with displayed an extraordinary inviting attitude. This includes everyone from the front desk to the water park attendants to housekeeping. They should all be commended.

Unfortunately, I do have a complaint though. In the one night and better part of two days we probably spent around $1,000 and for that kind of money, I truly expected better bedding. We had a room with one queen bed, whose mattress was tolerable at best. However, we had a couch that made into a bed and a rollaway bed that was brought in that an adult could not sleep on, as there was basically no padding in the mattresses. I do understand this is not meant to be a luxury hotel, but I truly did expect better.

Should you care to respond back to me, my email is This comment is being sent as a constructive notation. Thank you for your concern.

Shannon January 07 2014
I have tried to find a corporate number to file a complaint about the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. Our stay was on 1/4/14 to 1/5/14. First incident~we were locked out of our room (mind you, I just had back surgery so this lock out included 3 separate trips to get the room unlocked). Our room was also "searched" while we were swimming! No apologies were given just new wristbands. I had itchy bites all over my legs on 1/5/14. My son has numerous bites on the back of his neck, legs and feet! I have pictures of the bed bugs that we found and nothing was done by the staff! They called the next day saying they had the room inspected and no bed bugs were found. Disrespectful staff, horrible treatment, no apologies! This was our 3rd stay and our VERY LAST stay! I will be filing a BBB complaint. We just purchased a 10,000.00 bed from Tempurpedic and if those bed bugs came home with us, I will filing a law suit as well.

Angela Skaggs February 25 2014
2-24-14 My family and I stayed at gwl in mason ohio, we was getting ready to check out and there was a bedbug on my fiance, he smashed it and took it to tge front desk. They filled out a report (very rude) and told me they was going to do a inspection and to put all of our clothes in the dryer for 30 min. Thet should of gave me a full refund and didnt i was not happy. I paid over $300 to stay there and i didnt want to stay with bugs.. My daughter has bites sll over her everyone else has a few but thats to many... I would never recommend anyone to stay there i will not be going back.... I expect something to be done about this issue....

Nicole May 16 2014
I have a complaint about your filthy resort in the Poconos. I booked a weekend, along with 5 other family members. We had 2 rooms. They were by far the filthiest things I have ever seen. The first night there, we called down for a noise complaint, the 2 Security Personnel, I believe their names were Chris and another gentlemen, they were the most understanding and polite people who took care of the problem in no time at all. As for your other employees I have never, ever been at a resort where you were treated in a rude manner. It was pathetic. I called that Monday to complain and they put me through to your Human Resources Department where I was treated in an arrogant manner and to be honest, the woman I spoke with seemed to have cared less about my complaint. NEVER, EVER again will I waste my money on your god forsaken resort in the Poconos. And you can rest assured that the word is out and you will be losing a lot of business from not only people that I know who have already been there but by word of mouth. Close it down while you can, because from what I was told a bigger and better resort will be opening there and I will be frequenting that place.

Lori Netherton June 12 2014
We stayed the night in KC last night, and it was one of the worst nights I have ever had. We complained five times for the noise above us. nothing was done. we paid for us to have two beds, we got a king with a pull out love seat for our two grandkids. I did not spend 250 a night to have to pull out a couch and make a bed. the hot tub was dirty and we could not use it. only one elevator was working there where laundry containers up and down the hall which made getting out of our room/ basement room difficult. we are past disappointed with the dirtiness of the hotel. we will never stay with your resort again. Motel 8 has you folks beat. they really should try to keep the inside as clean as the outside. the hotel was dirty, cigarette holes in the carpets of our non smoking room. hall way carpet was past dirty. we left early because of experience. shame on Great Wolf for having such a dirty resort. my advice is STAY AWAY FROM KC resort.

Neil August 08 2014
Very disappointed with the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine TX. Received splash passes for use thru Aug 1 2014. Unfortunately splash passes could not be redeemed for the whole month of July. Stated on the pass was that there were black dates when resort was at CAPACITY. I saved these passes till July for use when kids were out of school. When I tried to book on a Tuesday mid July, I was told of the black out date. I never imagined that a blackout date would equate to a WHOLE BLACK OUT MONTH! I also check to see if rooms were available and there were numerous. Obviously by definition, the resort then was NOT AT CAPACITY!

I spoke to Andrew Pena and he did what most non reputable companies would do --- NOTHING.

These are menial passes which could have easily have been extended and would have require little to no effort but because nothing was done to rectify the situation (thanks Andrew) Great Wolf lodge has lost a costumer forever. Hello Gaylord Texan Resort!!

D. Pelley March 07 2015
I have to let you know how very irritating your recent TV ad is. We are forced to listen to a bored kid making a very ugly sound for quite a few seconds to vent his anticipation of going to your resort. I would think it would garner you more visitors if you were to have more of a positive tone for the very expensive seconds you pay for. You can do better!

doug hargrove May 15 2015
hi my name is doug hargrove of detroit mi. i took my family to your ohio location for my grandaughters birthday on april 26-27. when we arrived we were informed that the water park was closed on the 27th my grandaughters birthday. i asked why i wasnt informed during the reservation process your employees and manager acted like the date for annual shut down was a surprize it ruined our stay as the 27th was the main day for us i would like to be compensated in some way for this thank you doug hargrove (1-586-362-0122) or

doug hargrove May 15 2015
hi my name is doug hargrove of detroit mi. i took my family to your ohio location for my grandaughters birthday on april 26-27. when we arrived we were informed that the water park was closed on the 27th my grandaughters birthday. i asked why i wasnt informed during the reservation process your employees and manager acted like the date for annual shut down was a surprize it ruined our stay as the 27th was the main day for us i would like to be compensated in some way for this thank you doug hargrove (1-586-362-0122) or

Betty Burgess July 22 2015
I booked a room for 3 nights to take my grandkids to GWL Mason Ohio. The special advertised was $151.99 per night for a family room. Since that was affordable for us, both retired raising our grandchildren, our income is limited. After booking I noticed I was charged $688 on my credit card. I attempted several times to communicate with managem, and got nowhere other than saying sorry that we were milead

Jocelyn Hunt July 24 2015
On July 21, 2015 my husband took our son and two of his friends to GWL in Poconos Pa. This has been our 4 visit to GWL at same location. Every visit there has been something out of order. Our very first visit one of the water slides were out of order and not up and running our entire stay. Next trip another slide down and the MajiQuest had multiple glitches. Now this visit the wave pool was open but no waves on our first day. Also the outside zip line, two of the zips were down. We did like GWL but for the money you spend on the rooms and then what you spend when you get there, everything should be up and running. I think we are done with GWL and it is a disappointment because our kids love it. Not worth the money . We will take that money and go to Camelback lodge/waterpark off next exit in Poconos Pa.

Captain Milton Alvarez August 20 2015
Just wanted to send kudos for Kim Schaefer on her excellent Biopic on Undercover Boss. At our organization, children come first as we work with needy children in USA and globally. Is their a possibility that we can get complimentary or discount passes to bring underprivileged children to the Centralia, Washington Great Wolf Lodge? You can see our work at Keep the joy moving. Respectfully yours, Captain Milton Alvarez, Anchor of Salvation Ministries. Email at

melissa grigsby January 28 2016
My family stayed at your grapevine location on June 16 and 17 2015. Lets start with the good. The kids enjoyed playing the games you have as well as the water park. I also had a good meal at your steakhouse. Now the bad, my room did not have a working air conditioner. It was Texas hot outside and the air conditioner was not keeping up by this mean it was about 80 degrees and humid in room number 5061. I also noticed it was very hot in some of the hallways. when I asked for another room I was told by management that the only other room I could get was just as hot as the one I was in. I was given a box fan, and slept in the room two nights with the hot humid sheets sticking to me. After letting your management staff know about this the second knight they offered my family free breakfast which I declined. I told them I was not looking for anything free, just what I paid for. A technician came to my room twice but did not fix the problem. I did not get what I paid for. In conclusion if I had been hired by you to do a job and, paid in advance, and only did half of a job I am sure you would want some answers at least. Thanks for your time.

Griffin Anthony Glaze February 26 2016
Hi Great Wolf Resorts Headquarters Thank you for my gifts i love them so much and I hope they will build a Brand New Great Wolf Lodge in Columbus OH with Diving well 13 Feet Deep and 0 inches with 1 High diving board and 2 low diving boards and wave pool and lazy river and hot tub one for whole family and one for adults only and it will have howlin tornado and flowrider and wolf tail slide there will be 3 great wolf lodges in Ohio and that will be enough in ohio one in sandusky ohio and one in mason ohio and one will be in columbus Ohio I prayed to jesus about it and jesus will help the construction workers build it?

Heres my email address

ps can you send me a email please?