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Globalstar Corporate Office Address: 461 S. Milpitas Blvd., Bldg. 5, Stes. 1-2, Milpitas
CA, 95035
Fax: 408-933-4100
Phone: 408-933-4000

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Gani February 21 2013
Sandy, there is an old saying Grow where you are pltnaed You are currently pltnaed in Milpitas. Not only the city but in your parents home. Yes, dirty deal what happened but get over it and find your inner strengths and peace. Your parents are offering you a safety net' not a permanent lifestyle. Oh my god, how they must be looking forward to having their home back to themselves. Your parents and your town aren't making you unhappy You, Sandy, are making yourself unhappy. Inner happiness is a calm place inside you. It is there just waiting for you to discover it. Stop the ranting towards everybody and everything in your life and get in touch with the accepting quiet place inside of you.Never give up the drive to move forward and to better yourself but still the storm going on in your head and heart. If all this ranting is only to generate public view great! But if there is a grain of truth there. quiet and peace will help you.