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Flexsteel Industries Corporate Office Address: 3400 Jackson St., Dubuque
IA, 52004
Fax: 563-556-8345
Phone: 563-556-7730

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Patricia M. Berges June 15 2013
I purchased a sofa from Coomer Furniture in Lebanon,Ohio in March,2013.I was promised delivery 4-6weeks. My sofa did not arrive in 6 weeks,I had to wait another 6 weeks. Whenever I finally got the sofa,and sat on it I knew that something was not right in the back cushions. I called Coomer Furniture to come and inspect it. The owner came to my home and right away said that it was not stuffed properly and that she could not return the sofa to you. I feel that you should see the poor quality yourself in order to have this not happen again.She told me that she would have it repaired and return it to me in a day or so. She would have it picked up on June,24th.I am wanting to order another sofa and would hope that it would not be defective. I have been a firm believer that my great responsibility is not so much of what I think of you and your company,but rather what you think of me as customer(on fixed income)that counts. I trust you will give this letter and its contents serious consideration and that you let me hear from you at the earliest possible moment.
Patricia M. Berges
950 Franklin Road
Waynesville,Ohio 45068
Phone: 513-897-3733

Mrs. Sue Lekas February 10 2014
We purchased a lift-chair from Rice Furniture in McMinnville, OR. in January of 2008. Shortly thereafter it began to show wear in the seat of the chair. We called Rice Furtiture out and they made the necessary arrangements to have it recovered at no expense to us. Everything was taken care of in less than two weeks.
I am permanently disabled and this chair was very carefully selected for my comfort and ability to get in and out of independently. It has become essential to my way of life.
In 2013 the controller went out on the chair and Rice Furniture came out and fixed it immediately. Shortly after the controller was replaced the motor started acting up. Our furniture store contacted your company for a new part. The motor took forever to arrive and then when it came, the motor was defective. It has now been well over a month and still the chair is not here or fixed.
We chose Flexsteel over another company because we were told that your customer service was great. I am very disappointed in your company and this will weigh heavily on future purchases.
I would appreciate you looking into this at you earliest opportunity.
Mrs. Sue Lekas
1433 NE Kristin Ct
McMinnville, OR 97128

Lynda Stinson October 30 2014
Flexsteel furniture is no longer the furniture company it used to be. Sad to say, Flexsteel was a company that I believed would not fade with their quality or customer service. I would not recommend Flexsteel furniture to anyone, from problems immediately after delivery thought the eight years I have owns my furniture, I have been totally unhappy.

Beverly June 09 2015
What has happened to good USA quality
? I had a flexsteel couch 30 plus years ago. When I replaced it, it was actually still in good condition. Everything is coming in from China now. Junk. Come on U S A companies ... Its time to come back home