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FirstMerit Corporation Corporate Office Address: 3 Cascade Plaza, 7th Fl., Akron
OH, 44308
Phone: 330-996-6300

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Holly February 01 2013
Please hire more tellers. I have had horrible service at two
Medina banks. The drive thru lines are long and only one
teller is working the drive thru. I also use Third Federal
and Parkview Federal in Medina and both give very good fast

up set October 09 2014
first merit bank is the worst bank to put your money in or to do any bussines with the customer service there is poor and to not know what to do you stand in the lobby area for a long time carrie on and talking to each other and you are waiting there for them to say next very slow wokers and do not go to the fist merit bank in cleveland heights ohio severansce circle

sump200 December 16 2014
The very WORST bank in in the world, as far as customer service is concerned. My mother had a account, in fact more than one account, and closed all her dealings with 1st Merit because of a simple thing like nasty tellers......Are you kidding me. She only had an account there for over 40 years, and when she spoke to the branch manger, he was like, oh well? Great service. IDIOTS.

cheryl markusic December 17 2014
I went into two of your branches, I would like to know where your Christmas decorations are!!!!!
If you do not celebrate this season which is "Christ"mas, then you will loose a 20+yr customer.