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Electronic Arts Corporate Office Address: 209 Redwood Shores Pkwy., Redwood City
CA, 94065
Fax: 650-628-1422
Phone: 650-628-1500

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Electronic Arts, Inc. is a video game developer, marketer, publisher, and distributor. It was founded and incorporated by Trip Hawkins in May of 1982. The company is recognized as a pioneer of the industry of early home computer games and was lauded for promoting the programmers and designers who created its games. Some of the games that Electronic Arts is most popular for include Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer, Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, The Sims, and Command & Conquer.

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Sarah Nenadovich February 01 2013
I am sorry to bother the corporate office, but I desperately need your help. It is impossible to get in touch with your company for help with Pogo. After much research, you are a tremendously enormous sucessful company. I am an elderly who lives from pay to pay. I am a paying customer of Pogo. I purchased Pogo for my sister who is elderly, had 2 major surgeries this past year and is on oxygen 24/7. I purchased this so we could play the same games and chat with each other. It worked for a while, but then we started having trouble. I could go on and on, but somehow I don't believe that anyone really care about it. My Pogo doesn't work too bad, but she can only get into 3 different games and has absolutely no sound. I went over to see what I could do to help her and she gets sound in everything but Pogo. Her screen name is cutebabi2012. How can I get in touch with someone to chat and/or to help us. Why should we have to pay for a service we are not getting? Would your company do that? Thank you.

Dennis Kelleher May 08 2014
I was billed twice on the same crecit card this month and of course the number for you on the bil gets me nowhere. How do I reach someone in your empire to speak with about this bill?

Shirley Feinberg May 15 2014
Several days ago, pogo noted I had tio upgrade java to play several games..when I did, it said uninstall original java..I did and then it said you cannot install update without original. I cannot get anywhere with any of your phone numbers...all they want to do is charge me 250.00 for cleaning my computer...if I do not get help wirhin the next day or 2, I will contact our trouble shooter at channel 5 and the BBB...I am sure your company will like the publicity in this area. otherwise, you can give me a six monrh refund on my memberhip dues and I will play games elsewhere...how can you not care about the customers you charge for pogo and not provide proper phone numbers or email address? I will expect a call from you upon receipt of this message. Thanks...216 321-8305

Assunta Pouliot August 05 2015
CANNOT access my paid account on my new computer!!!! I need to speak with someone to fix this problem! I have changed my password multiple times, accessed my account, and have called the telphone number listed on your corporate account home page!!!!

I need help which is not available on line. I have paid for something I am unable to get. Help

Assunta Pouliot August 05 2015
I need help! I cannot resolve my problem on line and need to speak with a person!!!! Please tell me how I can reach someone to help me access the account for which I have paid.

michael prince September 05 2015
Air2meprince@aol.com cannot play any flash games and have tried many times to connect your help desk but with no response.
Answer said will call within 1.5 never happened. Sometimes called twice a day. Glad my payment is about due.

William Shaw October 10 2015
Im having trouble with Need for Speed The Run It has a big ring around it can you help me

maria Nin November 27 2015
i was unjustly taken off pogo for 3 days now dont know ho long do to a women who unjustly reported me im 75 years old just had heart surgery in wheel chair is all i have pogo i been told that lady her name is misty 5292 does that cursed me and treated me badly till i returned the insult all because i needed to go to bathroom she insulted me then when i fought back she reported me i been with pogo 15 years never had this happen if i dont get my pogo soon i will cancel she called the other 2 people losers and cursed them so i just defended myself

Carol Miller December 14 2015
I have to agree with the people that are complaining about pogo . I have been a member for years and loved it until just recenty. A lot of the games I play are not working . I am thinking about cancelling my membership. It would be nice if you made a live chat for just pogo problems.

Starr Hatton December 28 2015
How do I get discounts from EA for The Sims 4 packs and other things that I want to purchase

Starr Hatton December 28 2015
How do I receive discounts, promotions, and other things for items I want to purchase for The Sims 4 games?

Dee January 19 2016
I have been charged $39.99 for something I did not order.