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Karen A. Lundregan May 15 2015
yes i was using your service up until about three years ago

honestly the food ordered was vile ...

so I called up to quit my eDiets service and you all continued to sent me at least four more boxes . at $149.something a pop

I called to ask for a refund and got yelled for not following directcions properly and also if she had to refund me she would have t refund everyone

I was stunned at her reaction

so when I called a couple of weeks later there was a big note the employee told me that said ":no return"

so even if I did not follow dfirections I was still sent at least four or five boxes AFTER I said that I no longer wished to have the eDiet service and that is on a recorded phone conversation

so I want immediate reimbursement of the five boxes I received after I specifically asked to discontinue my service from you all

now $149. sometning a pop per box adds up for me ...

and if you all do not refund me IMMEDIATELY I am getting a lawyer and I am also in the process of dealing with the Better Business Bureau

and to top everything I am getting "non-working" phone numbers even when I call the headquarters address in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ....

so immediate refund ... and I want an additional $1,500.00 for pain and suffering for of the nightmare I went through with this completely rude eDiets employee who was literally yelling at me

I first ordered this service in march or april of 2012 ...

my name and address at that time was the following:

Karen A. Lundregan
58-B Ridge Road
Greenbelt, MD 20770

and I also want an immediate call back from the corporate headquarters as well

or trust me I will file a complaint with the better business bureau which I have just started

you can send me the complete refund plus $1,500.00 ASAP to:

Karen A Lundregan
3000 Homewood Avenue
Unit #7124
Baltimore, MD 21218

Cell Phone: 443 826 8007