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Dollar Tree Corporate Office Address: 500 Volvo Pkwy., Chesapeake
VA, 23320
Fax: 757-321-5111
Phone: 757-321-5000

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A Fortune 500 Company, Dollar Tree, Inc. is a chain of discount stores that sell a wide range of items which are priced at a dollar or less. Their one dollar stores operate under two names: Dollar Bills and Dollar Tree. Aside from one dollar stores, they also have a multiprice-point variety chain, Deal$.

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stacy McKinney December 20 2012
My name is Stacy McKinney, I went into the store in Horn Lake Ms, #2020 is store number. I went into store to buy some item one of the clerk name (Chris) left his register to assit another customer he said give me a minute. I waited for a while and I asked him were his line open or closed because I seen his light on. Then he started getting smart with me about saying well I were helping another customer and that I will get with you and a minute. He walked back to register and I asked to speak to his manager. That's when (Jennifer)came up to the register she started getting smart with me with a very loud tone saying he is running the balloon station and register and said well the light need to be off if he not there because I wouldn't have never came over. She said well I can refuse your service and I said are you saying that you not going to allow him to check me out she turned to Chris and said Chris you don't have to check her out if you don't want to but Chris then checked me out.

DT January 27 2013
After 15 years of work in your store don't you think you could give 2 weeks off at one time so your employes could have a nice vacation .

Patricia Jost February 08 2013
I took the survey that was on the back of my receipt, and not 1 hour later someone called trying to sell me something, and said they got my cell phone number from your survey. I really resent you sharing my phone number without permission, and will be re-thinking about sharing my spending dollars with your stores in future.

Renee February 18 2013
I went to the dollar store on 10th and I in Lancaster, CA. Before my sister and I went into the store, we had two men ask us for money and one man offered to trade his food stamps for cash, because he needed cigarettes. We said "No, we don't have money". I start to go in and one of the men kicked a dog that was trying to come into the store. I did not even go into the store when I saw that. I got really upset, and confronted the man about it. Then I went to the manager inside, because the dog was trying to go into the store. The manager's name was "CARLOS". I asked him for a rope to contain the dog, so animal control can come, because I just called them. Carlos said he had nothing like that. I still did not shop in the store, I wanted to be with this dog, because I was afraid of what someone would do to him. This man finally came up to me and another woman taking care of the dog; he asked if that was our dog? I said No, I had to call animal control because he is being kicked out here. The man said "I would love to have him, I like him". I said "yes". The man went inside the dollar store to buy him food and a leach. I went into the store and "I told the manager (CARLOS), shame on you for not containing the dog". He could not take a leach out of the store to contain the dog. I am so upset, but happy I found the dog a home. I am a teacher too, I shop at the store for items for my children.How can your company (Dollar Store) allow this? My family and friends won't shop there, because of what happened. This is really a touchy subject for me. I should go to the press. Thank you Renee Rizzo

Janet Chlentzos-Williams February 26 2013
I went to the dollar store in Burien, Washington with my receipt on 2-20-13 as I was overcharged for 1 valentine cling I didn't purchase and to exchange a valentine craft/decor that we didn't use for valentines day.
I opened the valentine craft and didn't realize when I purchased it, it was a craft and not a decoration and was told opened items are not accepted for exchange.
When I was at the checkstand the clerk(Erik)told me he would have to check the camera in the room to confirm the purchase and I was taken back by his comment as I shop at the dollar store frequently.
He asked me to wait for his line to clear and then he went in the room and came back out and said he couldn't check because the surveillance only goes back 1 week. This was disturbing to me as my storage units were broken into in August 2012 and concerned and suspected by his demeanor he knew about it. I told him I'm sure there are people who shoplift in the store but I'm not one of them and he said "We don't discriminate" and I said "I'm not so sure about that" and walked out.
I went to Payless and Fred Meyer the same day right after and didn't encounter any problems.I would appreciate if you will investigate into this and I will contact your corporate office too.
Thank you,Janet Chlentzos-Williams 206-795-9026 Cell

c. rensy March 23 2013
Y went to buy some articles.and y have some problem. With. The coupons and the manager was very nasty y hope you can do something. We need to respect the public

April 12 2013
The gm is is rude one from California spring vally he rude mean cuts hr for no resen an I have more the 3 years.

Kathy Morgan May 09 2013
I sent my son whom always accompany me to your store more than five times a week, not do I visit I place multiple online orders. My fourteen year son was approached by a store employee because he walked into your store that was out of the item I he came in for. Your employee accused my son of stealing and called him Travon Martin. I spoke with your manager and called your corporate office to no avail. I will be contacting my lawyer. My contact is

Lori kinder June 11 2013
i was in dollar tree in wood river 00911 on monday june 10, 2013. the manger was extremely out of line with the customer. she had walked in screaming for the owner of a car. she was yelling a cussing at this man it was so unprofessional. i will never go back. i encouraged the man to call his lawyer to press slander charges.

Chris Laney July 07 2013
Someone needs too do something about the store manager, at the dollar tree in Rolla. missouri!!
He is the rudest A##hole I have ever encountered at a business! Sorry, we put him out, or bother him too wait on his CUSTOMERS!!!!!!
Stupid Guy!

belinda July 19 2013
I was in your dollar tree store in mt. pleasant tx your store manager was rude. he was talking about the customers in the store then he told me not to talk to his cashiers. I told him not to talk about his customers. he said that he would talk about anyone he wanted to because it was his store. he told me to get out or he would call the police and get me for trespassing. me nor will any of my family or friends shop in your mt. pleasant store until you get a new manager. this is not the first time this has happened. I have heard him do this with other customers and there kids.

F a holcomb October 10 2015
I was in the store in mt pleasant texas and it looked like it had been trashed. Can you not afford to hire enough help. That is a very busy store and it needs mire floir people instead of cashiers trying to do both jobs. It is ashame that companies wirk so short handed.