DISH Network Corporation Corporate Office

DISH Network Corporation Corporate Office Address: 9601 S. Meridian Blvd., Englewood
CO, 80112
Fax: 303-723-1999
Phone: 303-723-1000

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DISH or Dish Network Corporation is a satellite broadcaster which provides direct broadcast satellite services including audio programming, satellite television, and interactive television services to over 14 million residential and commercial customers in the US. They also offer bundled voice and internet services via their partnerships with various voice and data communications service providers. Today, Dish Network is the number two provider of satellite-based pay-television services in the US.

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Anthony Catania January 03 2013
I have been told for the third time that my bill will go up because my promotion expired. This is not the service as requested. You sold me under false fees you had no intention of honoring.

Dyantra February 23 2013
And so far today, ;^)The French and Greek votes yesterday are a big, big deal. For 3 years since the 2008 glbaol financial meltdown and recession caused by false laissez-faire policies of Bush Republicans in power through the 2000 s in USA (taxes cut on wealthiest few, zero regulation on banks) center-right governments in Europe have been trying to offset massive budget deficits / sovereign debt by slashing social safety-nets of their populations.Leaving them disenfranchised by the millions, while that protected elite continued to not create jobs from the private sector. Clank! This isn't working. That is what the electorates in France, Greece and earlier in the week said by their votes. They want a change in direction that factors in the needs of people not just those of untaxed corporations, banks looking to be repaid and the shielded 1%.Not advocating a storming of the Bastille and decapitation of the Queen here, just a proper & sensible balancing of a badly tilted table across the First World. Europeans are finally rejecting austerity solutions that only ask sacrifice of workers, and not of elites. Next it is time for Americans to wake up to that same bill of goods forced upon them by Republican governors and a U.S. House of Representatives, that last year even threatened to default the debt of the United States if it didn't get all it's spending cuts. (Which were of course all on social services, no military cuts, no tax increases on the 1% which the GOP is clearly beholdened to).Yesterday in Europe, ordinary citizens kicked the defenders of a failed status quo, out of office.