Cricket Corporate Office

Cricket Corporate Office Address: 5887 Copely Drive , San Diego
CA , 92111
Phone: 858-882-2600

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Cricket Communications, Inc. or Cricket Wireless is a telecommunications company that was founded in 1999. It is a subsidiary of Leap Wireless, the owner and operator of one of the largest wireless telecommunications network in the US. Cricket Wireless is best known for their offerings on prepaid smartphones and no contract cell phone plans.

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pamela young March 23 2013
after finding my recently deceased sisters cricket phone i went to a cricket store and ask the manager if it worked. he assured me it did and i bought service for the phone.i took it home and found out the speaker didnt work cause a port was broke off inside of phone the next day i took it back and ask to transfer service to one of the featured sale phones i was told i had to bring phone from another carrier which i had done the previous day he said it was too late and he was sorry he didnt notice the port was broken off down in the phone.I feel if he would have taken a closer look and not try to take care of four different customers as he was all alone in the shop on thurs.@11:00 yesterday.Maybe I should have listened to my other sister cause she said Cricket service sucks.

donald ledford August 27 2014
this is about cricketwireless I got a new phone on aug 22 changed over old phone they said it would take up to 4 hours 7-12 nothing called they said it would take up to 4 more hour nothing went back to store they looked at the adcout not changed over yet the reboot it said up to 4hour it would change after 24 hour nothing went back to store still not changed over he worked on it talking to someone they said $15 to do something ok it was waved 1 more went buy now its $40 35 minite later its stuck in the system this is very bad service paid my bill told them to stop thing about going somewear eles your company we have to make this right with me 513 5578361

Patricia Wyatt April 13 2015
I started with Cricket the first day they were in business in Austin/Round Rock, Tx. I have been very happy with the service until a couple days ago when I went to the Cricket Store on N. Mays in Round Rock, Tx. I went in to pay my bill and a girl offers me a free new phone. I am so sorry that happened now because after I left and looked at the phone, I realized that none of my pictures were transferred over to the new phone! I went right back to the store and was told that my old phone had been picked up by UPS!!! It made me sick to my stomach and I still feel this way! I had pictures of two very loved dogs, pictures of my baby granddaughter, and other pictures I want back!!! I get sick just thinking about this whole fiasco!!! Up until yesterday, I was very happy with Cricket! My question is can I get that phone BACK some how to get the pictures that I lost??? Please tell me there is a way!!!! thank you, Patricia Wyatt 512-591-3123

Rachell April 21 2015
Cricket products are not of high quality. Which in return causes the customer to pay out more for all of the product inconveniences. Its a slap in the face to hardworking customers.

Audrey D Benally December 27 2015
I have a problem with the service I had purchased two phone cards of $50 and another $50 to make $100. My phone service was turned off a day after making a payment. lol this company sucks.