Dell Corporate Office

Dell Corporate Office Address: 1 Dell Way, Round Rock
TX , 78682
Fax: 800-289-3355
Phone: 512-338-4400

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-800-624-9896

Dell, Inc. is a US-based multinational computer technology corporation which was established by Michael Dell in 1984. Today, it is the world\'s third largest supplier of personal computers, behind HP and Lenovo. The company offers a wide range of technology products for consumers and companies and businesses in the enterprise, education, and government sectors. Aside from desktop and notebook computers, some of the other products that Dell offers include printers, data storage systems, network servers, Ethernet switches, and peripherals like projectors and displays. They also offer numerous services including financing, asset recovery, infrastructure consulting, systems integration, technical support, and training.

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Ralph Martinez November 30 2012
I have owned dell computers know for over 15yrs. I have bought well over twenty of them for myself and family members.I will never buy another Dell product your service is awefull.Your representatives in India are polite however I cannot understand them and by law when asked to switch over to the US they refuse.Apple here I come.
A past Dell customer

notsatisfied! December 03 2012
Mr. Martinez,

I totally agree with you. DELL is so full of balonie! There is no such thing as customer service - that ends once they get you to buy their products. Its a shame they out sourse their services in foreign countries but they dont have jobs here in the US. I say we BOYCOTT DELL.

I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy anything or reccommend DELL to anyone. I bought an all in one desk top computer and 3 days later it has hard drive problems and the key board does not work. The so called CUSTOMER/Tcchinical support has been giving me the run around for DAYS/WEEKS - still with NO RESOULUTION - they do this so that you cant return their shitty product!!!

TO hell with DELL!!! I wish they would go out of business!

Jacob sweeney December 24 2012
Dell is the worst! Please read b4 doing buisness with them or b4 they rip u off!

C Selph December 30 2012
I purchased a Dell laptop, my fifth, this computer was to include PC Mover migration software. The software was not delivered with the computer - either installed or via the Digital Library calling Dell Tech Support, the tech support person installed the software on my laptop via his remote access.

However, when trying to use the software I discovered that I needed a serial number that was supposed to have been provided by Dell upon installation, but it wasn't.

After spending more than 3 hours on the phone with Dell Customer Care (twice), Tech Support (three times), and the Tech Support Supervisor it was determined that the solution to my problem would take 24 to 48 hours for a person from Dell Headquarters to resolve. This is totally unacceptable and the message that I believe that Dell delivered to me by this total lack of acceptable responsiveness is that Dell really doesn't care about customer satisfaction.

I am stopping credit card authorization for this purchase until Dell resolves the issue to my satisfaction and delivers the software they promised in good working order. I would encourage all Dell customers who have similar unsatisfactory customer service experiences to take the same action; perhaps by interrupting Dell's payment stream, perhaps through such action they will again become concerned about their customer service reputation.

MAPS January 04 2013
Dell has horrendous service. All consumer service is in India. They would not send the part.

Gabriel January 05 2013
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Irving January 10 2013
I've owned several computers and associated equipment over the years and have had very few problems. However I have a 1235CN Laser Printer with a broken hinge and I've been trying to find out how and where to get it repaired. Every call that I've made (20+) have resulted in talking to someone halfway around the world (India) who had no idea as to what to do to get my printer repaired. I know that someone manufactured this printer. And I'm sure that taking it to Wal-Mart as I was told by a customer service representative is definitely not the answer. And if I have to purchase another printer as suggested, I'm quite sure now it won't be another Dell!

Iewills January 10 2013
I've been trying to contact Dell Coporate offices for several days now and they're just as good at customer focus as their customer service reps (which is non-existent) They first let you listen to an automated voice, followed by playing music in you ear and then you get switched over only to get a busy signal. After three hours, I'm not only done, but I done with Dell completely. Good ridance!

Marisol Arce January 12 2013
Dell sells defective products to steal your money! I have 4 laptops and a desktop computer and NONE of them work! I find myself calling India almost every three months which cost me over $1,000 on my account to continuously repair them and STILL, after three months the computers conk out again...ugh! I am left with NO choice but to go with APPLE! DELL SUCKS!!

R Mullins January 22 2013
We have made a number of purchases over the years for Dell computers but we are switching all our computers - personal and business - over to Apple. Will never buy Dell products again. Just tried several times to get someone in the US but that's a lost cause. Their representatives read from a script; some are polite, some rude, but none really seem to know what they are doing. Dell started out with a good thing but it went downhill once they started outsourcing overseas.

Lupe Zavala February 07 2013
I had my Dell computer stolen along with MS office professional 2010, I have tried getting the key number to reinstall into my new Dell computer, but Microsoft is telling me I need to contact the store or agency where I purchase my software which is Dell, but after hours of trying to get someone to help me (in India) they tell me I have to repurchase office professional 2010 again. I work and there is no one that can help me during my off hours of work, thats anyone important above a supervior. They are always apologizing, but that doesn't get the job done. I had always purchased Dell, but let me tell you this will be my last 2 laptops or desktops that I will be purchasing with Dell. I think I will go with Apple because at least they have a store near by where they will give you classes or help with their product.

peggy tomco April 01 2013
I bought a Dell computer in Nov. of 2012,in March 2013 the hard drive,memory and I dont know what else went bad. I called the number which was in India. I really coulndnt understand the person I had to speak. I asked him if he could put me thru to an operator in the US he said he could not there were no customer service peolpe in the US.I was mortified. A service man was to come out on a Friday to install a new hard drive. He never showed. He was to come out Monday he never showed. Tues Ditto.I called again went thru 3 mangers to try and get my computer fixed,they assured me someone will be here Wed. 4/03/13. We shall see what happens. I will never ever deal with Dell again. I am turning them into the Better Business Burea and anyone else I can.Their equipment sucks, their warranties suck, their service people suck and the company sucks.

shelia readdy April 04 2013