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Coldwater Creek Corporate Office Address: 1 Coldwater Creek Dr., Sandpoint
ID, 83864
Fax: 208-263-1582
Phone: 208-263-2266

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Janis ward October 30 2012
I took the $25 gift coupon from Dennis Pence to my local store and when the item I wanted to purchase rang up to $23 the Clerk removed the store discount of the item and rerung the item without the sale price so that then I owed $7. I don't think that was right. The coupon said it was a gift amount. The letter states my purchase can be anything I want and the first 25 is on Mr. Pence.

Shelley Auerbach December 30 2012
On dec. 29 2012 I went to the coldwater creek store in Wellington, Florida. I had a 20 dollar reward coupon and wanted to purchace 2 tops for 30 dollars each. each item was 50% off, which would make each top 15 dollars. with the 20 dollar coupon I should have paid out of pocket 10 dollars, plus tax. In stead it cost me 20 dollars plus tax, because the 20 dollar coupon was taken off the top, before the 50% was taken off. This is a misleading practice. I am a big coldwater creek customer. Please would appreciate a reply.

Linda Rizzo January 19 2013
I purchased asweater at your store in or near Belmont ,Ca. It was 30 % off the original price. A few days later I received an email showing a tank top which goes with sweater and which was on sale for 50% off. I went to purchase it and I noticed that te sweater was now 50% off. I happened to have my original receipt so I asked the sales clerk if she could make a price adjustment and she said no, so I repurchased the sweater along with the matching top , I went home, retrieved the original sweater, returned to the store and returned the sweater. Was that necessary? The more I think about it, I don't think I will be doing any further business with Coldwater Creek.

Loretta Morrison February 11 2013
I have a soft tee with the registered label of Coldwater Creek in Small, in a beautiful mild light green color. The tag reads: RN 985 16, Made in India, 100% cotton, V# J160, and lastly R4 1939. Anyway, the double stitching is coming out. Both lines of stitch is raveling. I've tried to tie the ends in knots, however, there is not enough threat to do it securely. I've purchased other Coldwater Creek products and never had a problem with any prior to this. Could this have been a "knock off?" I know this happens with other clothing items, and maybe with this product too. What do you think? Thanks for listening.

Patricia Hoffman May 07 2013
While shopping at Coldwater Creek in Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines, IA, in April 2013, I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi Holland, an associate assisting me in the dressing room. Heidi was professional, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. In recent time, there are rarely people assigned to help shoppers in the dressing rooms, and the few I see other places rarely show genuine willingness to help. Heidi did that and more: she renewed my belief in retail that day. Kudos to Heidi