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NC, 28105
Phone: (704) 847-6961

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Founded by Leon Levine in 1959, Family Dollar is a chain of variety stores in the US. Although it is generally classified as a dollar store, not all of its merchandise are priced at a dollar. About 90 percent of the items that their stores have, however, cost below $10. Some of the items that they carry include food items, clothing, and a wide range of household products. Family Dollar currently has over 7,000 stores across the US.

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charles Louviere September 29 2012
Yesterday, 09/28/2012 I went into your Cleveland Texas store to pick up a few items, when I got to the check out line there people in both lanes so I picked the shortest and the guy behind the counter stepped over to the other register, I guess to assist the young man with a problem, so I started putting my items on the counter and he says, you need to go to the other counter, so I put everything back in the basket and went over to the other line, he than starts checking out some other people...I asked him what is this? send me here and than you check out other people?...In a very rude answer he says "I told you to wait your turn"...what turn? I left everything there and walked out....Im 64 yrs old and if one of my children ever talked to me like that with that tone of voice, they are not too old to whip there butt. I live right down the street from that store, so I go quite a bit,,,no longer will I go to that store. I work for the public and if I talked to people like that I would be out of business.
Only thing I can tell you about this very rude person is hes about 6'4" black and about 23 , if that old...thank you for your time...sorry you lost a good customer and I will tell others of my experance in your

Vanessa October 08 2012
I was recently at my neighborhood Family Dollar and left shaking my head in disbelief. The store is located in Detroit, Mi. on Joy Road, two blocks west of Dexter Ave.

The store personnel were swearing like sailors, discussing all their personal business, walking around talking on cell phones - all this while customers shopped around them. One employee was talking about how their better half was "slinging", which is slang for selling drugs.

Yes, this particular store is in a ghetto/blighted typed area. However, I found this highly disrespectful and one should be able to go into any Family Dollar and expect courteous, respectful service.

William Parker November 17 2012
I purchased a can of Black Flag insect spray a few months ago. After using about 1/4th of the can ,it stopped working. I returned to the store but they would not replace it. Please do what you can.

Cheree from Cincinnati, Ohio 2012 November 21 2012
I live in eastern part of Cincinnati Ohio. Today was the worst experience I have ever had in retail! I was treated so badly at Family Dollar Montgomery Rd by a associate name Kara. She was extremely rude while working the cash register. For starters she did not greet me or say hello. I advised her I was not getting a certain item that I intially picked out and she snatched it out of my hand before I could hand it to her. I was first of all shocked and then embarrassed by her rudeness towards a customer. In all the years I've worked retail I've never seen this type of behavior. I politely address the associate and she denied it. She was loud and obnoxious in her explanation and everyone around me clearly did not approve. Needless to say I walked out without purchasing anything. But before leaving, I asked Kara to write down her name and number to the store. I knew that if I wouldnt have gotten this information another customer definately would have. As I walked out of the store empty handed I heard this same associate call me a "bitch". At this point, I knew what kind of person I was dealing with so I didn't even turn around. I left out of Family Dollar Store 7694 Montgomery Rd feeling very disrespected saddened and embarrassed for the management who has to deal with this kind of sabotaging to their faithful customers. I hope something will be done concerning this incident. I can just imagine how many other times things like this goes unreported. Such a shame.

shayla November 27 2012
I had what i thought was a wonderful oppertunity to obtain a job at a Family Dollar in Idaho.The store manager and some of the other employees were some what nice to me when i began my employment. I have worked in retail in the past and loved it. I became a bit concerned when i was told every other weekend i would have to work two 10 to 11 hour shifts. I needed the job and did not complain. I worked my hardest and fastest, and treated every customer with respect. Within 16 days of my employment i was let go for poor work preformance. I am dissapointed in this decision as out of the 16 days i worked only 11 days approximately 4 hours a day. I find it hard to believe my work could have been evaluated in such a short period of time. I was told it was because my "case count" was not to dollar store expatations. NO where in the hand book do i find this case count requirement. It disheartens me as i was upper management in the two jobs prior before i had to relocate toidaho. Since my letting go i have read and been told that if you are not of a certian religion or if you ask for the breaks that are supose to be given to by law you will not keep employment in the area. This is sad as i feel tjey lost an asset to their store and the customers lost the only nonrude cashier that worked in the store. This is not over for me because as i know i am worth so much more, and they let a good employee and a true team member go.

Atir November 28 2012
Omg store #00780 in Bethel Ohio .What happen there? looks like a storm
came through ,I've be in there several times now and the place is a joke it never use to look like that .Someone is going to fall there is so much stuff on the floors, toy department I don't have enough words to explain that, couldn't find Christmas bags ,couldn't get to soap powder .Boxes ,boxes boxes everywhere.
I don't think anyone even cares truthfully I heard the cashiers talking about the stuff people were stealing well I can sure see how easy that would be in there.Doesn't this place have a manager who cares.

john ancrum December 07 2012
i live in hollywood s.c i am a regular customer at the family dollar on highway 162 but lately i feel that every time i go into the store its chaos i can never find anything and trying to get help is almost impossible i do not see myself going back into that store no time soon

December 07 2012
I was in my local family dollar store located in leakesville ms I went too check out and there was no cashier I looked out the door and he was out smoking I asked if I could get some assistance he told me when he got thru with his cigarette and not before then that he had not had a cigarette all day. What is this world coming too.I am a business owner myself in this town and if he was my employee he wouldn't have a job for long.

al December 17 2012

Kevin Bellefy December 22 2012
I applied on line for an assistant manager position at your new store in North Branch MN. I was called in for an interview where one woman put me down as Assistant Manager. I was given a form to go do a drug test witch I did right away! I started working there and was so excited to have a job after not working for a couple years! We worked long and hard all the way up to the Wed. before the Grand Opening. That night at 7 p.m. we were all told thankyou for helping out and you're no longer needed! Many women began to cry and they were told by the manager that they should be thankful they made Christmas money! I didn't get it! I called the next day to see if she was talking to me too. And yes she was! My wife went there the next day. Hi my name is Sandy...I am Kevin's wife and thought you should know what kind of people you have running this store! We have both been in customer service jobs all our life. And I couldn't believe how unclassy and down right rude this manager is! She was talking to a cashier 10 ft. away in front of many customers about how they've been working sooo hard and they must be on overtime by now! And just carrying on back and forth! Like we all really care! Take care of the people! I could even hear them at the back of the store! Unbelievable! You should really address this problem before it really falls you made it happen for us!

Tom Humphrey January 17 2013
I just purchased a Vereizon Cell Phone at Family Dollar advertised price 20.00 when scanned at register it rang up 24.00 dollars. The employee was rude and argumentive when I mentioned the advertised price and told me she had to charge what the register rang up. This is no the first time that this happend

yaharia Garced January 27 2013
I have work in one of the stores in for some reason im not getting pay my hours I have work for enough I quit I can be working in a place that more I work less I get upset?

bunny love January 30 2013
I shop at this store on(4500 s. collage grove chicago il ) weekly spend 150 to 200 hundren dollar i do not wont to shop in a store that allow their employees to bring touble into the store do to their after hours action someone could have been hurt.

katy February 08 2013
I agree with some of you here the company is so not professional at all over here in phoenix,az there's these manager name karla lizarraga who treats her employees lime shit she always fires everyone she don't like or hates thread part about it is that her DM always does what she wants. She's even dating one of the coke vendors that go to her store. These is not the only vendor she's dated. It sucks that she always gets her way she makes her assistant come do the store schedule off the clock that to family dollar company its a big NO NO. Your all right the lazy people in corporate don't do or say anything . So yep family dollar snot professional AT ALL.

fergie February 10 2013
i shop at store#07989 pembroke pines fla. every time i shop here there is always a problem.the cashier is rude as well as the staff,they never say hi or can i help you very disrespectful, need to do something about your employees.never go back.

gregg February 18 2013
You have the rudest employees in the Family Dollar that i have ever come in contact with in Slocomb,Al.Somebody really needs to know what kind of people to hire for a job like this.

Fulton County Government February 28 2013
I would like to say I enjoy my shopping experience at the Family Dollar at 5425 Old National Hey. College Park, Ga.30349 I am very disturbed that my favorite cashier with excellent customer service will be out for a while. Because of her kneeee. I think its unfair she's not working and in paain because her manager sand district managemer didn't care enough to accommodate her needs at work. The Sherriff Dept. Here in Fulton County wish her a speedy recovery.

Fulton County Government February 28 2013
I would like to say I enjoy my shopping experience at the Family Dollar at 5425 Old National Hey. College Park, Ga.30349 I am very disturbed that my favorite cashier with excellent customer service will be out for a while. Because of her kneeee. I think its unfair she's not working and in paain because her manager sand district managemer didn't care enough to accommodate her needs at work. The Sherriff Dept. Here in Fulton County wish her a speedy recovery.

Barbara Conner-El March 01 2013
I was just in store# 08419 located at 5601 Vine st. Philadlphia,Pa
and there was only one cashier & I counted 15 customers in line
I asked to speak to a manager & was informed everyone was in a meeting. I sincerely hope that this meeting included BETTER CUSTOMER
SERVICE. This type of service UNACCEPTABLE & could deter patronage. If fact when other customers entered & saw the line they
left the store.

Mary March 13 2013
Store #02080 @15.30 pm on 3-13-13
10790 Bellaire Blvd...bad attitude &
very nasty cashier...after asking prices of items i had and decided i didnt want it..she tolded me to hurry up and pay because she has a lot of work to do before she get busy so I left I get treated better at the 99 store. I Will never go to family dollar again. You need to retrain your employees. I was a mystery shopper at that time this happen.

Jaimie King March 22 2013
Im from Elyria, Ohio. The store located on Lake Ave was just built.its just the workers always talking and there is always a long line not to mention my fiance and i went in there last night and he grabbed towels that were on a shelf that said .50 cents. When he found out how much they really were he didnt want them anymore and told the manager maybe she should fix the display. She came back at him and said they feel over. So he returned them and even apologized and this lady just gave him a dirty look. Look that store is always a mess. It is not the costumers fault they didnt display correctly or that nothing is where its suppose to be and some manners and hard workers would be very nice instead of dealing with people who work there and have attitudes. I will not be shopping from this location in the future which is sad because i can walk to it from my house. Very disappointed with howtey do buissness.

Shanae March 24 2013
I was at my local family dollar they jus shut the store down because it was a rat in the dollar on Marietta blvd

frank Logan March 28 2013
I was in the family dollars on 7mile and telegraph, in Detroit, mi and seen a employee fighting his girlfriend and calling her out of her and he want out side to finish fighting her when she was trying to leave .took a stick out the door wit him.hmu.and he said imma kill u and the baby in u bitch.

Darlene Batchelor April 05 2013
I was in a local Family Dollar store #08048 Hwy 200, Ocala FL. I picked up the last 4 curtain panels that had a sign CLEARANCE $4.80. Was told at check out they rang in @ $10. When I showed them the sign they called the manager on phone and he said No, he could sell me one at that price, but it was a mistake cause the sign should have been taken down!! The store was cluttered and the 3 employees were hanging out havinga great time. I will never shop that store again.

cm April 15 2013
I was in your Framingham ma store. The woman was only one behind
Counter ringing, she was told by mgr. on duty sorry , truck comes first. Do you not care about customers? 20 people in line, look at your tape, if you do not believe me.
Also, male str. mgr tries to stop elderely woman from leaving do to
Needing to push a carriage out, to heavy to carry items.
Complained to corporate, could care less, I hope you go out of business!

Scott bowman April 17 2013
Went to store on 7 mile rd in Detroit between Vandyke and outer drive .. Lock us out by 7 :45, um no. I needed dog food. For my pups. They refused me, turned me away. Wow! You just lost $400 a week. My household purchases so much from your store. Lots of kids, dogs my sides hair.

Calvin Grant April 21 2013
I went to the store located at 4271 Livernois just after 9am Sunday 4/21/2013, as I shopped I heard several people cursing talking to each other but when I came to the registers to check out, I realized it was the cashier (with all the piercings in her face) I thought since she saw a "paying " customer she would refrain from cursing, but she continued to curse in her conversation with the security guard. I put my items back on the shelf and left, this is not what people in Detroit want when they come to patronize a business. I sincerely hope management (outside of this bldg) will address this issue.

Chris Walsh April 22 2013
Filled out my application and it asked me if I had had a felony within 7 years and i honestly put no. I was hired and after 2 days I was called into the back office and told I am being fired for a felony 14 years ago. So now I am filing a wrongful termination and discrimination suit against them.

carol April 22 2013
I thought taht family Dollar will be a good company to work for, but after reading all these crazy things , I am not sure if I want to work for the Family Dollar Company eny more .

I am from New York just move to Toledo OH, and I though I have so much experenice in the whole sale and retail world that family dollar will be a greet place for me , I also came from wall street so i have a lot to offer the comany but i am not sure now if that will be the best place to work ....

Jordan April 22 2013
I went to a job fair at familt dollar I have greet experenice it being a week but no one have not call me back i have made phone calls to see if i can spake to some one who can give me some information but the people i speake to is very rude , i am a New Yorker with lots of experence I am not living in Toledo and i though it would be a good company to work for but now i am not sure the people are very rude , they need they need education people to work the those store they have to change the thwey way the people are train the employnee how to respect pople .

Maria - Bedford Ohio 04/23/13 April 23 2013
Family Dollar - Bedford Ohio on the corner of Northfield Road and Columbus. The employees of this store need people skills, customer service re-training, and common courtesy prompts. I went to this store today. Before I even reached the cashier, she and another employee were engaged in a discussion about another Family Dollar Store that only scored a 61, while this store scored a 90. I doubt that they scored anywhere near 90. Neither one greeted me, they never looked in my direction, Nieda (sp?)was done scanning my items, she bagged them, tore off the receipt from the register and said, "there you go". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? where do you find these people? Not sure who the white male manager is, but he is very sweet, helpful and kind. The two girls who were working today at 6:15 p.m. need to be reprimanded, re-trained, and taught some manners. If you want my future business, this is not an option. Thank you for your time. Area resident with an option to go to Dollar General or Dollar Tree

connie michalick April 25 2013

1 2 3 4 5
-by francisco
buisness owner summit hill pa.

I was just in your store, and had a terrible experience!! i seen a long time employee lynda L getting fired for no apparent reason but to relocate when she cant even drive!! then i hear 3 others got axed.. maybe even colleen the manager.. what is wrong with you people Greed? well we are a small community and all of us in that store said we will never shop there again, and we will spread the word.. this is unprofessional ! there are other stores we will now go to.. these poor girls they were so nice.. shame on you!
Mar. 15, 2013 I am resending this hoping from a response from family dollar.
-by connie michalick

mad person May 12 2013
was hired at interview for the new family dollar dc in ut. did the drug test and was told by head of human resources will contact you . well its been four months since jan and not even a curtious call or email to say when the dc center wiil gives us a call to start. wrote corporate who claims thay will get back to you in 5 working days well that was over 3 weeks ago. went down to actual sight and was told know 1 knows nothing. wow all these people must be write about working for them sucks. yet at interviews thay tell everybody were a family type of company and theres alwayas an open door . bunch of bs.

thay dont care May 13 2013
dont bother you guys family dollar only cares about the almighty dollar. if we could get enough people to quit going to there store maybe we could shut this evil coporation down.

M. Cicerello May 29 2013
Shopping in your Lacey, NJ store with a carriage full of merchandise and asked a female employee if I could use the restroom and was told NO. Left my full carriage and lost a regular customer. HOW PATHETIC AND ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS THAT A BATHROOM IS NOT AVAILABLE TO YOUR PAYIING CUSTOMERS!!!!

White - St. Petersburg, FL May 31 2013
I went into your Family Dollar store on 3201 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL, 727-327-1305 on Monday, Labor Day, May 27, 2013, at 15:55:29. There is a code at the bottom of my receipt 01622 04 537664 1096. You advertised for a Buy Any Four, Mix or Match, Dawn, Joy, Fabuloso, and Clorox. With the purchase of those items, it said you would receive a $4.00 coupon on your next shopping trip. I was with my longtime boyfriend as we had just had lunch and he is not a shopper, however, I told him I needed only a few things and we were right there. I went in only to purchase Clorox and Dawn as that is what I needed immediately, however, when I saw the ad, knowing that I would be returning, I decided to purchase the four items to get the $4.00 coupon.

After waiting in line forever, and only one line open, with a line behind me, and other employees pretty much doing whatever, I finally got to the register to check out. When I did not see the coupon on the bottom of my receipt, I asked the cashier why it was not there. She acted like she did not know what I was talking about, and, I explain to her that the advertisement said what I said above and that there were little paper signs all by these products advertising the same thing, with the MIX OR MATCH FOUR ITEMS and the effective dates. She asked me if the sign said that, and, I said yes. She asked me if I was sure, and I said yes. Otherwise, I would not have purchased all four items.

She asked another younger male employee to please go back and check and see if there really was an advertisement stating that. I told her that I would have no reason to lie to her, and then, I proceeded to follow him back to show him all of the signs. He removed on of the advertisement paper signs and brought it back up to the cashier. She had kept my items even though I had paid for them behind the counter, and then proceeded to look at what I purchased. I purchased a 2PK Fabuloso, a Dawn, and two of the advertised Clorox bleaches.

She then very rudely informed me that I could not use the two bleaches as they were really only one, and that that is why I did not get the $4.00 coupon off on my receipt. I tried to explain to her that the advertisement said "MIX OR MATCH" and that meant that you could mix and match, regardless if it was the same item. She said no, and I asked to speak with a manager. She proceeded to tell me there was no manager to speak with and that I needed to leave the store. At this time, my boyfriend is getting very frustrated together with all the other people in line.

So, I said fine, I would contact the corporate office and advise them as to what happened and provide them with a copy of my receipt and I asked if I could keep the paper advertisement that the male employee pulled off the shelve. She said no, that that had to go back on the shelve so other people could see it. There were tons of them on all the advertised products and I told her that. Both she and the other employee ignored me, refused to help me, refused to let me speak with anyone else, and, then, I said fine, just let me take a picture of the paper advertisement with my phone. Again, they both refused and then the cashier starting taking about me, calling me a crazy women and that I just needed to leave the store. I told her that I would just go back way in the back of the store and take pictures of the advertisements that were still on the shelves myself.

As I went to the back of the store, the male followed me as if he were going to pull the advertisements down, however, there were so many that he went back to the front of the store. I could hear the cashier asking him where I was and what was I doing, and that I needed to just get my ass out of the store. She actually acted like I had committed some kind of crime, and was saying things about me to the other customers. I will contact your corporate office tomorrow and give a verbal complain with an email and a copy of my receipt and the pictures of the advertisement as I should be reimbursed for the $4.00 coupon that I am entitled too. And, someone from corporate should contact this store and find out the schedule for that day and time, and have a discipline action taken against these two employees. They were very unprofessional, rude, ghetto, and quite frankly a little bit frightening. I will never go to that specific store ever again. I have a Family Dollar by my home which I go to, however, we just happened to be right next to that one. If I were your company, I was be very embarrassed and ashamed to have employees like that representing my company. I am sure that I am not the first customer that has been treated like this, nor the last.

Daphne Taylor June 18 2013
Manger was rude store#05701 exchange 2shirtsthat was torn when the cashier took the tag off ,manger ask me did I buy it hot ,I pay for I with my debit on 6,3,2013 .

samantha cruz August 20 2013
I was in store number 2996 two days agos at that I realize the store manager yelling at a employee in front of customers which I thought was very unprofessional and then I asked the manager why she was yelling she then said what happens in my store is none of your business I feel very sorry for all her employees I then noticed that she was making the employee very upset and sad I really think someone should check in on this store she is very rude and inconsiderate to others feeling and how it must make the customers uncomfortable when they are shopping throught the store then I asked her her name and she refused to tell me I also work for the city of Oklahoma if I see this is not being tooken care of I will take upon myself to fix ...

donna bridgman February 11 2014
Was in store #09167 02-08-2014 19:25 out of 12 items errors as noted, Cashier was very friendly when it came time to ck out I had the coupon for the cokes 2 for 6.00 Limit 4 pecan swirls marked 1.00 I was charged 1.29 just a few errors 7 out of 12 not very impressive. As far as the cashier when she was checking me out a guy came in and she was speaking with him about a family member as she was finishing up my transaction, she said I got your coupon in that sentence I was thinking she meant she took it off my ticket Wrong now I have to go back and get refund on ticket. TRIP WASTED.

Daniel & karen Detillion 9/01/2014 September 01 2014
9/01/2014 Just wanted to say as my wife and I shopped your store today we had a good shopping experience as usual. The store employee;s at # 5886 store are as friendly as always. I felt like it is my duty to tell you we have shopped this store for more than 5 years and there is this one lady who is out standing in what she does. JESSICA MEDDOCK Greets, and assists us in anyway she can, always a smile and willing to help.
WE felt like she needed to be recognized for her hard work and outstanding people skills.
I was in the lumber retail building materials business for many years and know how valuable great employee;s are to the business. We felt like Jessica should be recognized.

Barbara Mclendon Jordan November 24 2014
I have shopped at the Family Dollar Location in Hampton Ga for the past 5 years never to come across such a beautiful spirited person such as a young lady by the name of Kesha.. That was the most respectful and sweetest person I knew that worked there everyone else was rude I was really disturbed when I came into the store yesterday and they young lady told me she had been fired...I am not happy with that and I will no longer take my business to that store because that young lady was the most honest and respectful person you all had working PERFECT customer service.... Myself and my family will take our business elsewhere.

Jorge Puebla May 19 2015
Advertising in your store flyers are decieving and does not live up to store standards. Good thing your stores are up to be close. Good riddence

Kassandra Hilliard June 10 2015
Advertisement in sales add and not honoring the sale price that it states, then manager wants to get an attiude with customers in front of other customers waiting in line.

R. E. Murphy October 16 2015
I was at the family Dollar on 4061 Lancaster Ave in
Phila.,Pa when I got home one items was missing .
I call the store, he told me come pick it up. when I got there,
he told me he put it in my bag which he did not .
the items was jimmy dean sausage egg and chees. $ 3.65.
I would like back.
215-3865866 Murphy,

Denise January 26 2016
what kind of Career opportunities do you offer? As far as an employees who has been working there for a number of years decides to go back to school. When they started they were taking courses and working. But let it lag.