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Community Bancorp Corporate Office Address: 400 S 4th St Ste 215, Las Vegas
NV, 89101-6202
Fax: (702) 947-3500
Phone: (702) 947-3517

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Michael February 22 2013
Very, very interesting. My poejrct is to have my Humax tuner/PVR UK Freesat model, assessable and accessing my NAS/LAN. As delivered it uses IP to implement access to the BBC iPlayer site, but otherwise can't been seen on my LAN, and can't access my NAS library. For the moment I have to copy media files to a USB stick and then store on my NAS at which point I can play it on my Popcorn Hour or Asus O!Play (or PCs). It features an internal HDD with EXT3 filesystem which I've demounted and copied. It's running Linux of course. Why, oh why, do manufacturers dribble out these devices lacking obvious features (such as Samba access). I guess it helps keep the revenue stream flowing and bread on the table. So I want to convert my Humax into the perfect media capture/player box which my wife might be able to use, rather than my PC based solutions which are deemed to be unusable by the female members of the family (who can blame them). The idea of a tutorial/class is interesting I already have all(?) the electronics (and software know-how) require, but might be persuaded to divi-up some of my SocSec check for tuition.