DIRECTV Corporate Office

DIRECTV Corporate Office Address: 2230 E. Imperial Hwy. , El Segundo
CA, 90245
Phone: 310-964-5000

Customer Service Contact Info:

Founded in 1985 as Hughes Electronics Corporation, DIRECTV is a direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster. It is one of the top providers of digital television entertainment services today, with over 32 million subscribers in the US and Latin America. DIRECTV owns several subsidiary companies including: DirecTV U.S., DirecTV Latin America, and DirecTV Sports Networks.

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Libby Tomlinson November 14 2013
I have been a good customer for 6 years. My bill has constantly fluctuated monthly and I have had to call numerous times ton question the accuracy. This month it jumped 20 dollars with no warning. I called and was told my " special " was over so too bad! They did not try to help me with a different package when I told them I could not afford the increase. Is this your customer service. We like direct but will probably have to change. What a disgraceful way to handle a good customer

Karin Wolten June 30 2014
I have been a customer for 3 years now and my bill went from $57 a month to $167 a month I call every month with no results! If I could get a different Cable company out here where we live DirectTV could go somewhere!