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Cosi Corporate Office Address: 1751 Lake Cook Rd., Ste. 600, Deerfield
IL, 60015
Fax: 847-597-8884
Phone: 847-597-8800

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Caroline M. October 17 2012
I'd like to take the time to point out exemplary customer service offered at cosi's at MIT. As as a student of MIT, I'm always on a very hectic schedule in need of a hearty meal on the go. Three out of five days of my school week, I opt for cosi's. The food is always fresh, and the service makes me feel welcome. In particular, I've had the fortune of being attended by a young lady by the name of Joana. She shows pride and respect for her job, consequently representing your company very well. I'd like to thank you for maintaining your standards in this difficult industry.

Best Regards,

Kennth Bently January 10 2013
I've been working next a cosi restaurant for six years and I'm 48 and I have worked at 2 Mc Donald's in my lifetime and I am now doing Security and I have never seen a restaurant. So filthy in my life!!! I make rounds and they call themselves cleaning their store but they throw trash out and leave more trash on the ground than they do I'm the dumpster!!! And the manager and general manager are very,very rude and are not trained to deal with other workers of another business!
In my opinion this restaurant should be closed and another business should take over!!! Sorry it is ashamed
That a so called corporation let peoplelike that run
A restaurant!!!! The restaurant is in Philadelphia at: 15th and Locust on the corner

C. Dowdy January 25 2013
I frequent Store 682 in Washington, DC regularly. However, today, 1/25/2013, I was totally dismayed at the conditions inside your store! You see, after being inside for less than 1 minute if was terribly cold. When I made mention; "why is it so cold. It doesn't feel like the heat is on", several of staff members said, in unison, they had no heat for "5" days"! They shared that when the wash the floor, it freezes and is a danger to customers. Mind you, it has been well below freezing for 5 days . Again, to whomever is responsible for ensuring that the correct labor laws are being met at this facility, it should be dealt with NOW!

C. Dowdy February 05, 2013 February 05 2013
This is to follow-up and say 'THANK YOU' to whomever Sr. Staff for your response to Store 682 regarding 'no heat' on 1/25/13 plus 5 days prior. The following Monday, all staff seemed to be in good spirits and doing great work! It was also pleasant to walk in to a warm and welcoming store.

Nojoy At March 30 2013
Yes the foods are good and lately the Cosi bowls I have eaten two different times have been just barely warm so I taste the ingredients and cold bites makes it not so pleasant to taste. I used to call ahead to order and for some reason the orders do not get process until I get there and pay for it so no reason to call ahead. I mention this to manager and ever since then the girl gives me attitudes and lets my order sit on the counter and do not give to me right of away until I see my order sitting there and I approach them she starts to bag my order while sharing glances with each other. Those angry cold side glances from the Cosi employees are most kind and memorable to customers. Is this a new way to treat people who comes to Cosi? We can not say anything when something is wrong because they put fear in us how we would be treated? I am loosing my appetite!

Doug Dugdonovich May 23 2013
After being offered a position and then job description kept changing daily and lied to about this and that I decided on my first day to say take this job and shove it. Then there is Mrs. Meg Behnke who is far from professional and completely rude. They are cheap and looking to cut corners wherever they can.

John doe December 22 2013
I have visited your store in Concordville Town Center on more than one occasion and have noticed what looks like sewer flies around the store. I believe this is a board of Heath issue. I do not want to call them. can you please rectify the issue se
O I can enjoy my experience in your resturant

Roselle April 04 2014
I ordered a Salad from Clark & Lake Cosi, found a big insect!!!!
Cosi never again!!!!!! I hate this place!!! On top of that they forgot to deliver my Lemonade!!! Amazing Service!! NOT!!!! and I was told to pick it up myself!!!