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Craftmade International Corporate Office Address: 650 S. Royal Ln., Ste. 100, Coppell
TX , 75019
Fax: 972-304-3754
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Michele Fustos April 10 2015
Dear Customer Relations Manager,
I am writing in regards to a purchase that was made for a standing clock in black cm THO25 05. The reason why I am editing is because the clock was defective and could not be used. When I had opened up the packaging I noticed that the bottom base was dented/bent in two different places. Because if this damage it would not sit correctly. Also one side if the glass face was cracked it was a hairline crack but I was afraid that it would just keep getting bigger. Also, the clock would not work at all.Because of the crack condensation kept forming so you could not even see the
face. Also, I did not want to keep it around the house because there was very sharp edges from the damage to it. The clock was purchased brand new and never used. I was not able to return the clock as it had been a gift. My father had made the purchase for me as a gift. Shortly after he had made the purchase he passed away suddenly. It has been extremely difficult for me to find out any Information in regards to the purchase under the circumstances. I am devestated that I could not use the clock as it was a very special gift from my father. Please understand my position in this matter. I would have tried to use the clock but it would not work and it did not look good because of the damage to it. I can not thank you enough for taking the time to read my letter and I do hope to hear from you soon,
Michele Fustos
897 Terrace Avenue
New Jersey