Whirlpool Corporate Office

Whirlpool Corporate Office Address: 2000 N. M-63, Benton Harbor
MI, 49022
Phone: 269-923-5000

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A member of the Fortune 500, Whirlpool Corporation is a multinational company which manufactures and markets a wide range of home appliances. Some of their major brands include Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana, Roper, Jenn-Air, Estate, Acros, Bauknecht, Inglis, Cosul, and Privileg. Aside from these brands, Whirlpool also makes Admiral and IKEA brand appliances for Home Depot and IKEA, respectively.

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Berni Martin February 28 2013
very disappointed in the products

Maxi August 16 2013
Nice company

Tony Martinez III March 21 2014
I have bought 2 range micro-wave units. The 1st brand new unit right out of the box did not work and had to be de-installed and dealt with a replacement from the retail store. The 2nd unit installed has only last 1 year & 3 months and the support & service, based on the issues has been poor to sub-standard. Whirlpool customer service is a joke!!!! Product service is even worse!!!!! Whirlpool should step up the plate & provide a quality product with the same customer service support - thus far the company has not performed to meet my needs with this product or service! If anyone at the company still has any standards for providing true customer service - fell free , I may be contact directly 623-695-5581,

rolland west March 24 2014
purchased fridge--2242014--from home depot---leaks water 4 times the same thing--repair tech was here he could not find the problem---get some here that now,s what the are doing!!!!!! --ill bet if it was is the ceo,s home it would be corrected....get me a different fridge---HOW DO YOU THINK ILL RATE WHIRLPOOL??

Walter Petrocelli April 09 2014
I have been trying to get my dishwasher repaired, but nobody from Whirlpool can fix it. I had to take off work 6 times already for the repair person to work on it, and is all they want me to do is keep buying new parts. Its still not repaired. Whirlpool can not fix their own products. I can be contacted @ 724-758-3705

Robert W. Feiler May 28 2014
5/1/2014 our 30" gas Amana stove caught fire, The control panel melted, thick black smoke was pouring out and the interior of the stove was full of flames. I ran to the basement and shut off the gas to the stove. Minutes later when the fire department arrived the fire was extinguished. 4 weeks have elapsed and the replacement stove (purchased at a 25% discount) still has not been delivered. Numerous phone inquiries have elicited apologies and excuses, still no stove or promised delivery date. Our Visa card was promptly charged $1,237 but still no stove. The Whirlpool "Manifesto regarding their Unique Sense of Responsibility" makes nice reading for shareholders regarding corporate responsibility but is quite hollow based on their inaction.
I have shared my poor Whirlpool experience with friends and collegues.
Investigating small claims court and the Chicago Tribune next!

Frances Hamilton June 06 2014
In February 2014 I purchase a whirlpool dishwasher, refrigerator and a gas stove. The gas stove is supposed to be a self-cleaning oven with Acqua technology. THIS DOES NOT WORK IT DOES NOT CLEAN THE OVEN,

Lawrence Smith September 25 2014
new refrig on blink since 7/11/14. Ice maker not making Ice, over$1600 frig, control circuit panel replaced2x, evap motor, inlet valve, still no ice. Not one service call set up by your service center has been kept, date change for each one. Model G16FAARXXY08 Serial # K32519316. Requested to speak with District Service Manager, was told most likely not, only speaks to company servicing product. Problem, they are not servicing your product. Product not working. Spoke with several Specialist, still waiting on call back from Executive office.

Lawrence Smith September 25 2014
French door frig broke b4 year. On the blink since July 11th, will not make ice. Control circuit board replaced 2x, Evap motor replace, inlet valve replaced, still not working, excalated calls due to poor service and inferior product. Waiting on call back from executive office after I spoke with them. Trying to retrieve service records. All service calls set by whirlpool change by service company, asked to speak with District service manager after service rep told me she was sending him an email. Was told he probally would not call me because he only dealt with companies that serviced product. News flash, they are not servicing your product, and your product should last more than a year when it cost $1600.

cheryl jodan poole October 14 2014
I have a problem with my washer.Bleach is going my colored loads.My washer is 4years old.

jan March 13 2015
cabrio washer is very disappointing. Did not last 2 yrs before acting up.Had to take sopping dripping wet clothesoto laundromat. Calls to service - 2-3 weeks to service yet money was mistakenly taken out of account same day.Hold times were 15-30 minutes and we were shuffled from dept to dept til end of day with no answers

Caroline 6/13/15 June 13 2015
Whirlpool offers a replacement part for my Kenmore lower dishwasher rack. Well three times now the rack that I have received does not fit. Now I am left with the original rack that is rusting and ruining my plates and silverware. Because of this I can no longer use my dishwasher even though it continues to run well otherwise. Whirlpool needs to do a better job of standing behind its products. I have been a Whirlpool customer for years but this issue has left me rethinking any further purchases from this company.