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Cumulus Media Corporate Office Address: 3280 Peachtree Rd. Nw, Ste. 2300, Atlanta
GA, 30305
Fax: 404-949-0740
Phone: 404-949-0700

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bruce london October 30 2012
How yaw'll doing down there below the Mason Dickson line? I'm not in the broadcasting business but I seem to be learning quite a bit! Cumulus now syndicates The Savage Nation with Dr. Michael Savage. Trouble is up here in metro Chicago-nation's 4th largest market, there is zero information for us Savage Nation junkies! I spoke to the Dallas office, and Jim Lyke the sales rep here in chicago and no one knows nothing! I did learn that 20 or so folks have been laid off or transfered, that a woman exec from Florida will be coming to be station manager at radio giant talk show titan WLSam890 here. Talked to current WLS manager Michael Mann and he knew next to nothing. Wouldn't there be a big promo media publicity roll out here for Savage Nation? I thought Dr. Savage has been back on the airwaves as of October 23? No one has more loyal fans than does Dr. Savage, so please send us the "skinny" on all the station info. Hope to get some clarity from youw'll! Regards. bruce london

joe zapf November 12 2012
we in knoxville want our SAVAGE back! he is the highest I.Q on the airwves and it SHOWS! Also he is the only talk show host that predicted the outcome of this election correctly. FIRE the others and BRING HIM BACK!!!!! zapf

Don DeVan May 06 2013
Fire Lew Dickey & replace him with Rush Limbaugh.