The Wendy's Corporate Office

The Wendy's Corporate Office Address: One Dave Thomas Blvd., Dublin
OH, 43017
Phone: 614-764-3100

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The Wendy\'s Company, formerly known under the name Wendy\'s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, is an international chain of fast food restaurants which was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas. It is one of the largest hamburger fast food chains in the world today, with more than 6,600 locations worldwide. Some of the items on their menu include hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken, French fries, and beverages.

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Tony Giarrusso December 01 2012
I think that the WENDYS restaurant I ate at in EAST GREENWICH,RI had the most over priced combo meals. Some started at $7.50+ The so called "value menu" was full of all stale and burgers that had no taste and no appeal. I think it was all junk and left over food from the day before. The two sour cream & chives baked potatos has so many wrinkles, I think they were left over fom Thanksgiving!

I did contact the district Manger & he offer to replace my meal for free.Well, I don't ever wnat to eat that food again. It was cold, stale and not appealing. He explained that the store was a "franchise" & their price would be higher. So I guess Wendys puts profit before quality,customer statifaction and loyality.

I decline to return ever to Wendys anywhere, and I promise to make it my duty to tell at least 10-20 people a day not to go to any Wendys in RI. As for Dave Thomas, he must be turning in his grave!