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United Parcel Service Corporate Office Address: 55 Glenlake Pkwy. Ne, Atlanta
GA, 30328
Phone: 404-828-6000

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United Parcel Service, Inc., often abbreviated UPS, is a global package delivery company which is based in Sandy Springs, Georgia. It is currently the largest package delivery in the world, transporting over 15 million documents and packages per business day in the US and in over 220 other countries worldwide. Its delivery operations make use of a fleet of over 100,000 motor vehicles and more than 500 aircraft. Aside from package delivery services, UPS also offers other services including logistics and freight forwarding via UPS Supply Chain Solutions, as well as LTL or less-than-truckload and TL or truckload freight transportation via UPS Freight.

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S. Williams May 31 2014
RE: The Importance of Customer Service
This letter is written to express my discontent in regards to the poor response I received from the Fontana, CA and Los Angeles (LAX) terminals.
While my reaction at times was excessive and not proper – (I do apologize for that), the responses I received as to why my delivery was not made as promised was very exacerbating. First, they said I did not confirm the delivery, but it was shown on the website that the time and date had been confirmed and scheduled. And then, the excuses changed to pointing fingers at which terminal was responsible; LAX not Fontana, or was it Fontana not LAX. No one took responsibility nor did anyone even bother to apologize for the mix-up. They just knew it was not their fault or problem.
UPS ships millions of packages and no doubt a few may fall through the cracks. That’s were good customer service is key. I did not feel they cared nor had any real interest other than rescheduling (which was the only solution) to look into what happened. Needless to say, but after talking with the third Customer Service representative, I completed the phone survey and scored everything extremely low and would not recommend UPS Freight.
I will follow your policy and file a claim once it is delivered, however, I will reconsider whether I want to use UPS of any kind again.
Key points of other than good Customer Service:
• Delivery was scheduled and confirmed 24 hours before delivery date.
• The package was in the LAX terminal at 4:00am with a scheduled deliver to Montclair, CA (approx.50 mi.) between 10am and 2pm. There were no weather issues.
• Several calls made to the Fontana terminal were never answered.
• Two phone messages were left at the Fontana Terminal but there were no return calls or response.
• When asked to speak to Customer Service, the Fontana terminal transferred me to a disconnected number.
• Tracking #036416450

Thank you
S. Williams