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Fax: 423-821-0395
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Bob May March 08 2013
I live in Tucson Az . and would like to purchase Arthritis Hot deep penetrating deep penetrating Pain Relief Creme 3 OZ. Please send me names and addresses, phone numbers of stores selling this product in this area. My email address is

Mary Smith May 13 2013
I bought two bottles of Capzasin - my friend and my husband both tried it and it did not even heat a little for them. One used it for knee pain and the other for foot pain. I still have one of the bottles and the receipt. I would like a refund... it is the no-mess applicator bottle. e-mail is

Rita Abitabile March 22 2015
Bought Icy Hot Cream and my husband used it and did not like the smell and it did not work. I would like a refund of $8 for the tube.

Erwin Pepmeier March 28 2015
I really appreciate your product "Cortizone 10" for my itchy skin, as recommended by my doctor. I am very disappointed however with the last tube I bought! When I opened it, a huge amount of air came out, leaving much less than 1/2 tube of ointment, when compared to the tube I had just emptied!! I looked for a telephone number to call without success, but found batch #14G107 with EXP. 07/17. I thought your company would like to know for quality control. Please advise.