TD Ameritrade Corporate Office

TD Ameritrade Corporate Office Address: 4211 S. 102nd St., Omaha
NE, 68127
Phone: 402-331-7856

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TD Ameritrade is an online brokerage firm which has over six million customers in the US, and many more in other countries worldwide. They offer electronic discount brokerage and other related financial services that allow retail investors to trade common and preferred stocks, ETFs or exchange-traded funds, options, futures, mutual funds, bonds, and foreign currencies. Aside from these, TD Ameritrade also offers cash management services, as well as margin lending.

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Arthur Cervantes March 07 2013
Disgusting service, and branch management who thinks it is ok!
I went in to the Long Beach branch with my 300k plus portfolio, met with an advisor and let him know communication was extremely important to me. I like what I heard, he committed top service to me. After I left I sent him an email Tuesday comes along and still no reply! I then receive a call from a young lady who didnt identify herself, just went into demand mode? She tells me that I need some more documentation for the stock that I just deposited into the account. I asked why isnt my advisor calleing me? She replied hes not here. I told her I sent him an email and days later have not heard from him, I then asked to speak to the branch manager. She said he is not available for about 30 minutes. I explained this was important Ive been waiting for my advisor to contact me after the email I sent him days earlier, she said he will get back to you. I asked please make sure the branch manager does. I am now getting frustrated with the service. The branch manager finally called me the next day, he said he thought it would be better to wait to call me?? After I said I need to speak to him immedaitely after his call. I am now further annoyed and upset. I ask for the corporate office number, he says he will have someone call me and send my stock certificat back to me over night. The RM calls me, I was appaled to hear he thinks it is ok not to get my call returned not once but twice. I was also ging to deposit another 30k for my fiancee and another 20k for my step dad. Now it will take a phone call from the president helping me feel better about considering still doing business with TD Ameritrade. At this point I am completely disgusted and annoyed. I expect TD to drop any fees IF any fees would be charged for this circus perfromance to this date. I would like to be contacted after 3:15 Thursday March 6th. I thank you for your time.