Central Garden & Pet Company Corporate Office

Central Garden & Pet Company Corporate Office Address: 1340 Treat Blvd., Ste. 600, Walnut Creek
CA, 94597
Fax: 925-287-0601
Phone: 925-948-4000

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Scot Miller 1-570-556-9600 my cell phone November 15 2014
I have been dealing with this company long before you took over. I am on the east coast and I have a sales rep that might come into my shop once a month if I call and complain. Sometimes I wonder if she quit. It would take you months to figure out if she did. My delivery truck used to be over flowing, now if you deliver half a trailer on this route your lucky. Would someone from corporate call the stores on my route and see what the problem is. I bet my store everyone on my route will have the same complaint. Or you could do the Central way and copy and paste this message and send it to Jamesburg and I would have wasted my time just writing it. I hear how Jamesburg sales are up 25% and things are great. If my route is up 1% I would be amazed. I will not do a large order so that a sales person that does nothing can get her commission on the sales. Looking at the truck when it stops here everyone feels the same way I do. Please look into it the east coast is to busy enjoying the increase in sales that fell into their lap. It has nothing to do with the company as a whole getting better, just that your competitor at this time is worse then you. Keeping this increase in sales is going to be harder then you think. Thanks for your time! I feel this was probably a waste of mine.