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Safeway Corporate Office Address: 5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd, Pleasanton
CA, 94588
Phone: 925-467-3000

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A Fortune 500 company, Safeway Inc. is a large supermarket chain in the US and Canada. It currently operates over 1,700 stores under several banners including Carrs-Safeway, Dominick\'s Finer Foods, Pak\'n Save, Safeway Food and Drug, Randall\'s Food Markets, and Vons Food and Drug. Their stores offer a wide range of consumer goods including meats, fresh produce, packaged food items, snack foods, dairy products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, house cleaning products, and newspapers and magazines. Aside from the large variety of merchandise that they have, many Safeway stores also offer in-store services such as photographic processing services. There are also some stores which have fuel stations.

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James Gutierrez November 24 2012
Yes, my wife Beverly and I, went to your Safeway Store on Nov 15th, 2012 located on Elkhorn in Sacramento, California because they had a deal for thanksgiving, spend $25 and get a turkey for 59cents a lb and we took advantage because we were going to have family over for thanksgiving. We bought a turkey from this store, did as we had to do before cooking this bird for thanksgiving. On thanksgiving day, I cooked this turkey, our whole kitchen and living room smelled like rotten fish, we thought it was coming from outside across our neighbors and when it was done cooking, I took this cooked turkey out let it rest for awhile and then when I started to slice, a bad odor came out from this turkey and it was rancit, awful smell, my son tasted it and got sick, puked in the bathroom, our family was horrified, our whole thanksgiving dinner was devasted. I had to drive around town, I don't know how many miles to find a store that had hot rotisseree chicken, I bought two and brought it home and could not wait until the next day. We took this rancit meat back to your elkhorn store, explain our situation to your professional managers and all they can say is we are sorry and all we can do is either replace it or give your money back. They do not realize that our whole family was devasted on thanksgiving and what I had to do to drive around to find a store to find rotisseree chicken to replace your rotten turkey that was sold to us. These managers did nothing for us but say sorry, gave us a refund for the turkey, not even say, how about we give you a gift card for your family thanksgiving troubles, none of this took place, as they did not care, please, we need you to call us at 916-613-2106 or contact me by email at This has ended our shopping at that store and my family is also passing on the ordeal we all went through on thanksgiving day. Safeway just did not care!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Stone January 17 2013
I was traveling on Hwy 80 west bound, Tuesday, Jan. 15th at aprox. 7:30 a.m. and a Safeway big rig was on my right. Your driver rolled down the window and through his cigarette wrapper out the window followed about two minutes later by his cigarette. The truck number 250904B USDOT 138208. Truly repulsive!!! Things like that make me want to avoid your stores.

Terrance Flanagan January 28 2013
I worked for Safeway over 35 years ago but I worked long enough to be vested in the company. I would like to know how I can go about and see what if any retirement is due me? You can write me at

michael doyle February 08 2013
My question involves Safeway's organization and contact point for issues related to injuries sustained by customers within Safeway stores.

Indah February 22 2013
>(PJ's ears perk up) A special anunencoment?! OOOOoooo What is it? Tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me!Yeah I've always had trouble with Christmas presents, too. LOL!Have a nice time .

Obama March 10 2013
Publix super markets in modesto

curtis crowley April 16 2013
results from eating broken shards of glass are:1 lost tooth [emergengency extraction],confirmed eatin glass in my intestinal track [xray confirmed] excruciating pain in mouth and belly and i gotta go back for more xrays in a few days to see if it passes through or if it punctures my abdominal cavity.i expect to hear from your insurance representative on tuesday or youll be hearing from my attorney by wednesday,im waiting to hear from safewaycorp before we press forward with this lawsuit.thats right,LAWSUIT.253 538 2619 I HAVE EVERYTHING ,lets just call it exhibits a-j maybe more!

Save mart June 02 2013
Managers said for sale cash