Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office

Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office Address: 150 W. Church Ave., Maryville
TN, 37801
Phone: 865-379-5700

Customer Service Contact Info:

Ruby Tuesday Inc. is a multinational company which owns, manages, and franchises Ruby Tuesday restaurants. Aside from the restaurant Ruby Tuesday, the company also owns and operates several other casual dining restaurants including Wok Hay, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, and Marlin & Ray\'s Seafood & Sunsets. Ruby Tuesday Inc. also holds development rights to the restaurant Truffles Grill.

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Julie Wiencek January 08 2013
On Sunday 1-6-2013. We received a 25.00 gift card for Christmas. We were so happy . We heard such great things about Ruby Tuesday.

Sad to say we were infected with the flu .

My son was nice enough to go order & pick up the food.

I order a RibEye.

I couldn't eat the steak. It was All Fat. Yes Fat. sad with this meal.

The next day I called The Rudy Tuesday on Broadview Rd. Seven Hills, Ohio. I spoke w/ the manager. I old him about my meal. His reply was.....Why didn't you call that night. I old them we were sick With the Flu Bug. He told Ribeye are fatty. really ? I told him I know about steaks. His reply was he would give me 25% on my next meal. WHAT!!!!

As it look know...I did not get the card for 25% off. I wanted to lt you know about our experience .

Thank you for listening to us.

Julie Wiencek

mary Justice April 08 2013
I just got the worst hamburger ever at Ruby Tuesdays. Last time for me

lorrie June 12 2013
This is the worst food and staff I would never go there again

When will you bring RubyTuesday to Or near Sacamento, CA October 13 2013
Roseville, CA Gallery Huge Needs a Ruby Tuesday
every one eats out here.
David Wiley 916-773-3077
We live in Roseville Sun City 3,000 Homs
Lincoln Sun city 10 miles away 6,000 Homes

More Homes being Built in Roseville Now

larry mandell October 17 2013
Your food is now going DOWN graded as you have changed on how you COOK and all is not worth coming with my family.

Florence Prentiss November 15 2013
Very disappointed that Ruby Tuesday Corporate Office did not think to honor the Veterans on Veterans Day. So many restaurants including Applebees, Friendlys, Olive Garden and so many others offered free dinners to Veterans on Veterans Day, and Ruby Tuesday did not participate in any way for the Veterans. They should hang their heads in shame.

Mr Bruce April 28 2014
My wife has worked at ruby tuesdays for quite a while and has never ever missed one day and is a very hard worker and preformes her job with alot of heart! But one nite a so called manager named Huleo came to the restruant and started trying to put his influance on my wife an she told him no and to go away, well before the nite was over this Huleo goes to my wife and tells her that he is going to change her job, cut her back to only 3 days and then grins at her with that evil look and then has the "nerve to call my wife an old lady"!!! She came home crying like crazey and very up set because she wouldent basicly screw him, that is what he was edging for she said, thats why he destroyed her work place. Im letting you know that this type of person that you have working for your corp can really put a bad influance on ruby tuesdays. My wife is a Godly person and I know that what she told me is true! Heaven help the sob of I happen to run accross em, Im not so Godly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pamela DeWitt October 13 2014
To Whom it may Concern, I am writing to let you know we are in need of a decent restaurant! I am in Morehead Kentucky and the majority that we have is fast food restaurants. We need some more variety. I came from California and I really liked Ruby Tuesdays and I was hoping you would consider coming to our town, I am sure that alot of people would patronize it so please consider us and I know you would be an assett to our town Thank you Pamela DeWitt