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Rosetta Stone Corporate Office Address: 1919 N. Lynn St., Arlington
VA, 22209
Phone: 800-788-0822

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Established in 1991, Rosetta Stone, Inc. is a leading provider of a wide range of technology-based language learning products and solutions for consumers and institutions. Some of the products that they are able to offer include software, online services, audio practice tools, and mobile applications. These products can be purchased through direct sales channels and through selected retailers such as Barnes & Noble,, and Staples.

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Robert Armstrong February 10 2013
Very poor service from Tech support India. They told me to remove my Mcafee so Rosetta stone will work maybe. Rosetta stne needs a work around Mcafee so your software can work. I was not told about a level 2 tech support and I also understand that there is a level 3. This is a unacceptable response fron your India support team.
Robert Armstrong 570-460-3257. Ticket # 1972106

Edward J. Benzola May 20 2015
RosettaStone Has changed and it is for the worse. I have been a customer for over 8 years but they could care less. The service out of India is very poor and they have you do things that harm your computer. They even told me to come up with a different name and get a different e-mail. When I was sent to the next level customer support I was told that a new e-mail will cause problems with my account because I own more than one language.I was told I had to deactivate the program and re-install with a new activation number and if I had a problem to use the e-mail the tech sent me and she would get back to me the next day.. I have sent 3 e-mails with no call back and now the program shuts itself off and I have to start over.
I am calling the corporate office on Wednesday to complain but the techs get their orders from management and I am sure they are told to ignore the customer.
I think it is time the CEO leaves the company because he has amess on his hands.
I suggest that people stay away from RosettaStone until they get leadership which cares about the customer and not just the money they can get.

Ann Marie Schwein August 20 2015
I was told, at time of purchase, that I had 90 days to return product if I was not happy with it and when I contacted offices, was THEN told that it was 30 days and that I was outside the window for returning it for refund. (Purchased on 7/7/2015). I would like to have refund, please. I was mislead and am very dissatisfied.