Rogers Corporate Office

Rogers Corporate Office Address: 1 Technology Dr., Rogers
CT, 06263
Phone: 860-774-9605

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Rogers Corporation is a specialty materials company which was originally founded as a paper mill in 1832. Some of its products include high performance foams, printed circuit materials, power electronics, and other performance materials. Aside from the US, Rogers Corporation also has operations in China, Korea, Japan, Belgium, and Germany.

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Mary Anne Biddiscombe January 26 2013
I heard pounding at my door this morning. Rather than open it, I asked the person who they were. They claimed to be from Rogers and they were here to collect the balance on my bill. Then, I indicated I was not with Rogers and never had been (I am a Sympatico client). Then, he asked me if I was Mary Anne Biddiscombe, to which I responded "yes". Then, he claimed he was here to pick up my equipment. I re-iterated I was not with Rogers. He said, at that point, that he was here to offer me a deal that included two months free service. I declined, and he went away. It seems he was talking to someone else in the hallway, as well. Is this approach considered "ethical" by CRTC standards? What can I do to make these types of intrusions stop?