Rite Aid Corporate Office

Rite Aid Corporate Office Address: 30 Hunter Ln, Camp Hill
PA, 17011
Phone: 717-761-2633

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Rite Aid Corporation is a retail drugstore chain in the US that was founded back in 1962. It sells pharmaceuticals, health and beauty aids, greeting cards, convenience foods, and a variety of other items. Rite Aid is currently the largest chain of drugstores on the East Coast, and the third largest in the country, behind CVS and Walgreens.

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Deborah Kulnis February 05 2013
I live in Mcminnville Oregon and frequent the Rite Aid store. Almost everytime I shop there the sale prices are not updated into the computer. I always have to tell the check out clerk that an item is on sale and then they proceed to go and check it for themself. I am very tired of this and wonder how many people are not paying attention and do not get the sale price. The clerks in the store act as if this is all very normal and can't be helped.

Jessie March 01 2013
I've been to the rite aid at 300 e willow street in long beach, ca before and everyone has been very nice and personable up until today...I went into the store about1:15...and went to the ice cream department...a gentleman pages a woman names Gloria to help me...which she did...she did not say hi, I asked her for lids(I had 3 orders I cups) and she said they wouldn't fit...I said I needed the kids and I would take them even if I had to pay because I couldn't carry them open top...while I was explaining I would still take the lids...all she could say was next...next...because she was doing my last of the 3 orders...she didn't say thank you or bye...and the lids did fit...worst service ever...

Chakakhan Davis May 16 2013
I was at the Rite Aid in Vicksburg Mississippi Indiana Avenue on 5-7-13, and the paharmacist put the debit card machine in the pharmacy window on metal pieces that jammed and cut my left hand pinky finger when I was paying for my medicine. The pharmacist seen it happen and did not do anything until I brought it back to his attention, thats when he asked me would I like a band aid!

Shad Rose June 10 2013
In Alturas CA their is a huge pot hole in the parking lot of Rite Aid it has caused damage to my car and needs to be fixed. I have complaned to the manager several time and nothing has ben done