Best Buy Corporate Office

Best Buy Corporate Office Address: 7601 Penn Avenue South, Richfield
MN, 55423
Fax: (612) 292-4001
Phone: (612) 291-1000

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 888-237-8289

Best Buy is a specialty retailer of a wide range of consumer electronics in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and China. They sell their products through three main channels: through retail stores, over the internet, and through call centers. Some of their product offerings include computers, computer hardware and accessories, mobile phones, appliances, and other electronic gadgets. As for their services, they offer computer repair and maintenance, computer software installation, product technical support, and subscriptions for internet and mobile phone services.

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John Huston January 31 2013
I would like to air my unpleasant association with Best Buy. I have purchased the best extended warranty available on my 55 in Samsung TV. Your Geeksquad does nothing to make a bad situation worse. I was told on purchase that I could get a loaner TV if something happened to mine which is the case if you want to wait over 10 days to get one which is not what I was told. Your folks answer the phone but they cannot make anything easier or better than it was when you call. Keep in mind I paid over 500 dollars for this Black Tie service. I am now waiting until the servicecenter and your folks decide to fix mine. Don't worry this will not happen to me again.

John Huston
313 Palmetto St.
Bennettsville, S.C.
29512 843-479-4322

Amy Feehan January 20 2014
I have had my last bad experience at Best Buy over Christmas. I bought a Sony wireless/waterproof headphone for my husband the week before Christmas--I shop at the Best Buy on Winchester Road in Memphis, TN. I charged the headphones and two additonal gifts on my Best Buy account. We traveled for Christmas and my husband experienced problems with the headphones right away. When we returned home the first of the year, he had emergency hernia surgery and my family came down with the flu. We attempted to return the headphones at our earliest convenience--January 17. The store manager-Dave Fornell, was rude and inflexible saying we missed the return date by two days and if he allowed an exception for everyone "we would go out of business." We asked for a store credit at minimum since the device was obviously defective. He refused and asked the Geek squad to take a look. They could not help. We are left with a defective item less than one month after we bought it! We are a good customer and are appalled that you would treat us this way. With other competitors so focused on customer service, we can easily go elsewhere. Dave was wrong--you will not go out of business because you are losing money from returns--you will go out of business if you continue to treat good customers like this. We want a store credit and believe it is justified.

Mike and Amy Feehan

Frances Chubirka November 20 2014
Talk about bad experinces, took our Acer computer to your Geek Squad? for repair under warranty a 90 mile trip which we had to make twice they called and said it was ready but nothing was done to it called Acer and got satisfaction and Office Depot is shipping it to Acer free of charge.I imagine you know where my next computer purchase will be! Bought plenty from your Texas stores but not anymore I vote with my wallet