RadioShack Corporate Office

RadioShack Corporate Office Address: 300 Radioshack Cir., Fort Worth
TX, 76102
Phone: 817-415-3011

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RadioShack Corporation is an American franchise of retail stores that sells a variety of consumer electronics, including telephones, computers, radios, outdoor antennas, DVD players, and electronic toys. Aside from these products, the company also sells a range of electronics parts, components, and batteries. Today, RadioShack has over 7,100 stores worldwide.

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terry gargo June 05 2015
im very upset I took my Dell vostro 1000 to fairbury il 61739
FAP Inc Fairbury radioshack to have them install a new recondistion screen I bought from Ebay an now theres a 2 1/2 in scratch in it plus my dvd door wont open an the springs are not working I have to hold it up I know none of these prblems were not there before I took it to them your tech somehow scratched my new screen an caused all the other problems on top of that I would think that they would had call an told me bout scratch before installing it I called manager DEBRA BACHTOLD 8156924621 and told her about problems shes also the one that received from me and shes got a very shakey story I paid $60 for the switch an now im going to have to pay more to get new problems fit that tere so called expert tech caused I need help from you pease I know the Ebay screen seller know an they know it got scratch on there watch