Casual Male Retail Group Corporate Office

Casual Male Retail Group Corporate Office Address: 555 Turnpike St. , Canton
MA, 02021
Fax: 781-821-6094
Phone: 781-828-9300

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Casual Male or Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. is a group of retail stores that sell specialty clothing for big and tall men. It operates six chains: Destination XL, Rochester Big and Tall, BT Factory Direct, Casual Male XL, Shoes XL, and Living XL. The company also supplies Sears their Big and Tall clothing lines. Casual Male is currently the largest retailer of clothing for big and tall men, with around 500 locations in the US, Canada, and England.

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Debra Grocesley December 02 2012
Dear Sir's

I've not worked in Casual Male since 07/2003. I thought one day that I could stop by and take a glance. The store...oh my gosh is one of the best and improved looking stores in retail. The staff. We'll they were very proud of the visual's in store very hard work sir's and ma'am's.
We'll I decided to return for the chanllenge. Would like to see more of in Shorewood. Louis Joliet Mall. Outside of the Mall's.

Have Fun..


jason meier February 02 2014
yes, i was highly desapointed in your stores.there is only two near me i live in GA,i was jusy at the COMMERCE OUTLET STORE,you say you are geared towardsbig men,but the only size tee shrits went up to 3xl,i wear 6xl or 7xl...i see that you dont have the nfl jersreys in stores no more,and you used to have these killer silk shirts,i think they were fuse cant find them..and the other store is at gwiennett place mall..i know i can order them on-line but sometimes you want to see them in store..and one other thing i know iam a big guy i dont want to buy my clothes from a guy that is about 100 lbs...thank you for listening..if you want to e-mail me

Freda Sheppard September 27 2014
Would you please consider opening an outlet
store at Tanger Outlet Mall in Locust Grove, GA? There is only 1 store convenient to us currently
and their stock seems limited.