Casey's General Stores Corporate Office

Casey's General Stores Corporate Office Address: 1 Convenience Blvd., Ankeny
IA, 50021
Fax: 515-965-6160
Phone: 515-965-6100

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Angie December 14 2012
RUDE!!! We have a Casey's General Store here in my hometown. I have never felt so unwanted in a store. Terrible, Horrible, RUDE staff! The office manager herself was among the worst!

Anon March 26 2013
Your store in Centralia, MO. has some serious issues that need to be addressed before you get blind sided. The Area Supervisor isnt there much and she is assuming she is being told the truth about certain things ..... she is not. You have a married Manager having an affair with a married co-worker. The Manager has been seen carrying a gun "for protection" by some co-workers in the store. He is also a "bouncer" at the local tavern. You have 19 year old that up until 3 months ago, was not trusted to continue employment, and now they are the "acting" Assistant Manager. Customers are complining about service and nothing is done about it. Cleaning and stocking is not done in the store unless they know the Area Supervisor is coming ..... from what I have seen and been told the list goes on and on ....

jerry & cindy April 02 2013
we don,t know why your district mgr.feels he should walk into the sheffield ill store and point blank fire a senior citizen lady cause she occasionally sits on a stool, we,ve seen her unload the truck, clean the floor, run the counter, help customers find items,we once saw her clean the bathroom after a drunk customer soiled it,disgusting!!! theres an obese woman at another caseys that we frequent that sits her full shift on a stool provided for her by her mgr, this mgr has some compassion. we fuel both our vehicles weekly, buy food items and such, approximately $250-$300. as long as this little prick you call a mgr is there, we and many of our friends are taking our business to the new becks, its no further and much friendlier,an ex caseys customer

markus April 27 2013
ive never felt so unwanted as a regular customer in the fosterburg casseysstore in illinois,accept for 2 workers wich is selena and britney they threat their customers like it should be,other then that drugs violation in that store ,a lady is working in there wich i believe is using drugs,also this april wheeler is not working at all i see here more on here cellphone or outside then doing here job,its also a mystical that in one year the manggment has been changed for 3 times and sofare i feel its not helping att all,also what i dont underswtand that there are workers realy working and not getting a chance on fulltime position or getting fired over perfetic crap,well if thats the way how casseys threat their goood employess i say these goood emplyeworkers should stop their job thats not how u should get treatin,and if casseys like how their other socalled employes do their job like threatin regular customers like shit ,i say to casseys i go to a other gasstation.i speak here for my hole team we are regulars or was regulars in the fosterburg store we come in morning lunch and after work!

markus April 27 2013
and its amazing how casseys cooperate treat their customers very very rude,this is not called nice service

frank koelsch September 30 2013
Who is in charge of new locations in central Kansas?