Bank One Corporate Office

Bank One Corporate Office Address: 270 Park Avenue, New York
NY, 10017
Fax: (212) 270-1648
Phone: (212) 270-6000

Customer Service Contact Info:

Created in 1998 when First Chicago NBD merged with Banc One of Ohio, Bank One was the sixth largest bank in the US. The bank traces its roots to the First Bancgroup of Ohio, which was founded and served as a holding company for several banks in the state. In July of 2004, they merged with JPMorgan Chase.

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Michael Fontenot January 08 2013
I received a letter from a collection agency requesting a payment for an account I have never had. In the first place I would never do business with your type, that is to say, indolent, effete, inept and despicable. Any more of this nonsense and I will bring action with the FBI, the inspector general of the post office as well as the banking officials that charter the bank. I do not have an account with you and I have never had an account with Bank One. Does the word fraud have any meaning to you?
Mike Fontenot
Michael L. Fontenot.