Owens Corning Corporate Office

Owens Corning Corporate Office Address: 1 Owens Corning Pkwy., Toledo
OH, 43659
Phone: 419-248-8000

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Founded in 1935 as a partnership between Corning Glass Works and Owens-Illinois, Owens Corning is a company that manufactures fiberglass and related products. It operates in two business segments: Composites and Building Materials. The company's products are used for manufacturing a wide range of products including: pipes, roofing shingles, computers, telecommunications cables, sporting goods, industrial containers, boats, and aircrafts.

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listen up people January 31 2014
i know that O.C took over Thermafiber,in WABASH,INDIANA .If you think like the office personal we have now.GOOD GOD......
ps we need to talk 765 470 8877

psmith@itemlive.com February 06 2014
My name is Paula Smith with The Daily Item newspaper located in Lynn, MA. I have seen your "Finish Your Basement" ads and would like to have it run in our publication. We can run it in full color for $2,000. Lynn is the largest city on the North Shore of Boston and The Daily Item is read by over 27,000 people eery day. I look forward to hearing from you.


Teddy Adams April 06 2014
I need help regarding your roofing shingles. Lowes, Union City, TN installed a roof with your shingles in 2005 - initial installation was determined by Lowes unsatisfactory so a second installation was performed. We are having severe leaks in two major areas that are coming into the house - we have pics. Contacted Lowes, UC, and was told to contact Owens Corning. I need help and direction of this issue. Oc Amber AR OAKPRO30 installed. 2704721139 or 2708411073. Appreciate your help.

minnie bowyer October 29 2014
oak ridge pro40 ar was installed in my new homein2006.i am having trouble with algae and a leak in my ceiling.i have been put through the ringer with 3 different people in toledo,oh. i have sent in deed, tax records showing ownership.this has been going on since end of sept..every time i call,they tell me they are sending a rep. out to take samples. today the person said they were sending a package out for me to hire someone to send in my own samples.how do you stay in business treating people like this.

Terry Green September 02 2015
I had your Basement System but it was destroyed in a recent flood. My insurance agent has been TRYING to deal with RemodelUSA, an agent of yours, and has been treated rudely and hung up on several times. This needs to be resolved NOW. Call Mr. Juan Fraticelli at 1-800-729-6400 x1827544 IMMEDIATELY. Call me at 703-200-9669. DO NOT send it down the line. Next call is to my lawyer.