Carmike Cinemas Corporate Office

Carmike Cinemas Corporate Office Address: 1301 1st Ave., Columbus
GA, 31901
Fax: 706-576-2812
Phone: 706-576-3400

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Mike Johnson Watson October 04 2012
Why don't you put real butter on your popcorn, instead of fake in Billings Mont.. We feel we pay for the popcorn to get something cheap, or cooking oil. The people take too long to make up a bag of popcorn, and the show has just started. When you want to pay for a ticket to go to that movie. They seem a little short handed for the long lines going to that movie. Sometimes I feel I am paying for bad service for the price I am paying to get my popcorn, and having lots of not cooked seeds in my popcorn. You should have a choice of what kind pop you want other than Coke products. Should people get bigger TV screens so that they do not spend a fortune in the theater, and get nothing for their money?

Linda Stamm February 10 2013
In 2010 the ninth district court of appeals ruled that the Americans with disabilities act requires movie theaters to provide closed captioned movies. Here in Nashville. The regal cinemas provide devices for the hearing impaired as do Amc theaters. I found that one carmike in Arkansas does the same. Do we have to complain to the ADA or BBB to get the same services for the carmike theaters.

Fred Tomeo November 20 2013
How can i get a list of your corporate officier emails?