The Men's Wearhouse Corporate Office

The Men's Wearhouse Corporate Office Address: 6380 Rogerdale Rd, Houston
TX, 77072
Phone: 281-776-7200

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Founded in 1973 by George Zimmer, Men's Wearhouse is a retailer of men's dress apparel, casual clothing, shoes, luggage and bags, and accessories. It currently operates over 900 stores across the US, under the banners Men's Wearhouse, Moores Clothing for Men, K&G Superstores, Twin Hill Corporate Apparel, and MW Cleaners.

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Mary Plunkett February 15 2013
Every time I see a commercial about the Men's Wearhouse I am reminded about the experience my brother-in-law Dave had with them. He lives in Rochester Mich and was asked by his company to attend the Auto Show Charity premier at the last minute. I suggested he go to the Mens Wearhouse. When he showed up at the one near the mall in Rochester it was 4:45 pm. He was told that the he could not rent a tux because 5:00 was the time deadline. He told them it was 4:45 and it was still too late. He left store and went next door to a Tux rental where he was helped and spent $250.00. He has shared this story many times. What kind of customer service was this? I will never recomend this store again. This was a year ago but still am reminded of his poor service everytime I see one of there commercials.