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La-Z-Boy Corporate Office Address: 1284 N. Telegraph Rd., Monroe
MI, 48162
Phone: 734-242-1444

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La-Z-Boy Incorporated is a furniture manufacturing company which was founded in 1927. Some of the products that they make include upholstered recliners, sofas, ottomans, loveseats, stationary chairs, and wood furnishings. Their products are sold in thousands of retail stores in the US and Canada, and in numerous other countries worldwide.

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Oscar February 20 2013
I'm having problems with the Cerritos store in California please call me 562 572 4530

Dean Loucks February 26 2013
Order No. 157624 Dec. 31, 2012, Fort Myers Store, 4515 South Cleveland Ave.

Delivery was promised for Mar 2, 2013. It is now showing a delivery date of 23 March.
I am a seasonal resident in Florida and need delivery when promised.

When I first enquired about custom orders I was told 5-6 weeks.

I am struggling to convince the Ft. Myers store that they need to deliver as promised.

Lucille Caruso May 04 2013
I would like an answer to this question. I visited a Laz-y-boy in New York and would like too purchase a sectional now.

However, I am moving to South Carolina shortly. I would make the purchase in New York and pay for it here. However, I would like the sectional delivered from your Charleston store to my new home. I would pay here, but would like to make the purchase out of Charleston SC. I would then take delivery from Charleston to my new home.

Actually, my concern is that the salesperson really sold me on this sectional and spent a lot of time with me. If I make the purchase out of SC could she get the commission for the sale? I need an answer quickly as I want to make the purchase ASAP.

Thank you, Lucille Caruso

Cynthia Barrineau May 16 2013
I purchased a leather reclining sofa, a leather swivel rocker recliner, and a fabric swivel rocker recliner from La-z-boy a little over a year and a half ago. The seat cushion on the fabric chair did not hold up at all and they replaced it within the first few months. The second cushion did the same thing within months but I did not call immediately. I had qbought the warranty and was told this would take care of any issues at any time. Obviously, this was not true because when I called shortly after twelve months, I was told the cushion was not warranted past one year. How ironic that the one main problem with this chair is the cushion. I was told I have to pay for it. I refused and made many calls, even to corporate. The poly fill is a cheap filler and I was told by an upholsterer that she would never use this in her shop because it is no good and will not hold up. Had I known this, I would never have bought this furniture. I paid a lot of money for it and I expected it to last for many, many years. When I angrily complained, I was told it would be replaced at no charge but as of today, I have not heard one word from anyone about it. I feel I am being lied to again. I am extremely disappointed with Lay-z-boy furniture and your warranty. I would like to hear what you have to say about this issue. Thank you.

Ron Olsen March 25 2015
Order # 1407160013 7/16/2014 PWR RCLRKR Model 1H512 $1234.99.
I am extremely disappointed in the Quality of the new La-Z-Boy recliner that my wife purchased for me! After delivery and I sat in the recliner I had two (2) basic complaints.
1) The seat was way too soft and did not support me. Iím 6 ft., 210 lbs. Your Representative agreed with me as it did not support him ether. And he was smaller than me.
2) The Lumbar Support hit me in the middle of the back rather than in the lumbar area of my back. I returned to the store in Lynnwood, Washington and did verify that the recliner that I had sat in did in fact hit me in the lumbar area.
The seat assembly was replaced and did support me better. I again sat in the recliner and the lumbar support again hit me in the middle of the back. I expressed disappointment that by replacing the seat that the lumbar problem still existed.
Today 3/25/2015 another representative stopped by to take the back to the shop located in Kent, Washington. I live in Everett approximately 50 miles north of Kent. I was told that I would not have the back returned for approximately three (3) weeks although it might take two (2) days to add support padding in the back unit. Your representative also stated that he was not allowed to reposition the lumbar unit. I did not allow youíre representative to take the back of the recliner with him at this time as the BASIC problem would not be addressed and fixed. Also, I was not impressed that your representative entered my house eating a big hunk candy bar while discussing my problem.
I am currently of the option that you do not have a Quality Program in place that assures the customer (like me) that when we pay for a quality product we get it. But instead depend upon a complaint from the customer to react and fix the problem.
I think the only way to resolve this complaint is to totally replace my current recliner with a totally new recliner that is verified to be built correctly with support in the seat and the lumbar support positioned to support correctly.
Thank you in advance for your attention and support in resolving this concern.
Ron Olsen