Wells Fargo Corporate Office

Wells Fargo Corporate Office Address: 420 Montgomery Street , San Francisco
CA, 94104
Phone: (515) 243-2131

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-800-869-3557

Wells Fargo is a multinational banking and financial services company which was founded in 1852 by Henry Wells and William Fargo. Some of the products and services that it offers include consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking, loans, credit cards, and wealth management. Wells Fargo is currently one of the largest banks in the US.

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Casheia henderson December 27 2012
I have a complaint about one of your supervisors name Jeff Umberger. He was very rude and didn't want to try and assist me with my problem about my account. He was very unprofessional and being a costumer since 2008, I really didn't appreciate the service him as well as an associate by the name of Amanda who he refused to give me her last name treated me. When I asked him to speak with a manager he refused and told me he was the manager as well as the boss. Although I got my problem resolved by hanging up and calling back to speak with a manager by the name of James (didn't catch his last name) who was very helpful. I wanted to still complain about Mr. Umberger and his associate Amanda who were very unhelpful and made me think twice about leaving the company and going to bank else where.

Devanie Warren January 25 2013
Please develop a Wells Fargo app for the windows phone.

Cheryl Harris March 20 2013
I have a complaint regarding the branch located at 4540. I was discriminated against when I attempted to cash a check from a company. I was served by a teller. Then,directed to a personal banker. Then, my two forms of identification were directed to the Manager Edith Lopez. The banker,Manuel Fuentes, informed me that the information had been verified in his system. However, I was asked to wait while the Manager verified the information in her system. I was in the branch 45 minutes and I was still waiting for information to be verified. I cooperated and showed the two forms of identification required. I feel there was some type of prejudice involved. I was served 3 minutes later by the Lead Teller Adrianne Amituanai after showing the same identification. I had considered opening an account at Wells Fargo. This was the first time I encountered this kind of situation. This was enough for me to do business elsewhere.

mad home buyer March 26 2013
I am in the process of attempting to purchase a Home I went to wells fargo bank to see if I could be approved for a loan this was back in September and I was told I had very good credit and that I could be approved started the process paid my earnest money to realtor and go the ball rolling. I was thinking everything was going fine then my lender quit so I had to start the whole process over and was speaking with a Manager and I thinking this is great a manager who can get things done gave all the documents that they requested over and over again. I then I finally told that I would close two weeks ago only to have the manager not return phone text or emails and I am still having a hard time getting any information regarding this issue no email returns no phone call returns and no text returns. So it is going to April 1st next Monday and still do not know if I will be able to move out of my apartment who does not allow you rent month to month and my least was up at the end of January So if this is how Wells Fargo manager handle customer who want to be life long customer they just lost a customer and many more customer to come only becausa a non profession manager refuse to return phone calls and emails to good standing customers. Mad in Texas

CHERYL HAMMONS March 27 2013


pa faschan April 01 2013
I am a victim of hurricane sandy and it is going into the sixth month
that I have not received my settlement from my flood insurance.
as a result Fema has advanced me a check that they fed x to me so I can pay some of my bills that were run up to fix my home. 25,000 is the
dollar amt= I called your property loss dept and was told to fax it over and they will submit it to the exception area. After I called to ensure it was received I spoke with a specialist named Brad R who told me it
could not be done. I have been on the phone for 21/2 hrs trying to speak
with a supervisor. If I am current on my loan who is Well Fargo to
hold up my advance so I can pay some of the creditors that I owe. To
add to my fustration NONE of your areas will give me the name or phone
number of any person in charge.

Mike t. May 07 2013
Jeff Umberger is a superior customer service.

Rebecca Jerro June 11 2013
On June 3rd I deposited a check. I was told that the bank would hold it until the 13th or until the funds were released. On june 9th I went to the grocery store and my card was denied so I had to return the groceries. I called the bank from the store and was told that the check was still on hold. I went to the person that gave me the check to see why their bank had not released the funds. The funds were released from their bank on June 5th. On June 11th I called Wells Fargo and spoke to a manager, I was told that because I have had overdrafts before they are holding that check until the 13th just in case their is a stop payment put on it. I have been a customer with Wells Fargo for a long time, I even have direct deposit and this is how they treat their customers. We were nice to the banks but they are not nice to us.

Lerome Dixon June 25 2013
I escorted my client into a Wells Fargo branch in Madisonville, TX who has been banking with wells for 2 years and has three commercial accounts will Wells. We meet with Sally Stroech, Assistant Vice President, to discuss occuring a loan for the purchase of a church. Needless to say, she was over an hour and a half late for our appointment. When she arrived, she did not even apologize for her late arrival. She was very un-professional in her preparation to assist my client in the purpose whence the business they scheduled to conduct. During the solicitation period of our discussion, she offered my client to seek services at another bank because they maybe more app to handle her request/type of business.Her deamenor was very non-caring and not cooperative to the lending process. She did not even take a loan application to see if my clients could eeven qualify for a loan with Wells. As a matter of fact, our meeting took place on Friday and today is Tuesday. She was suppose to have contacted us about a follow-up question on suggestion I inquired about regarding Wells doing second lien on the property in question for purchase.We requested to contact information of her immediate supervisor. We have made sevral attempts to contact Steve Boswell (979) 776-3239 but to no avail. I personal feel this is a blanton disregard for customer service and an abuse of the bureacratic system of banking. In other wards, my client is being "dismissed" and taken seriuos.

Geri A. Jones August 22 2013
Just experienced the worst treatment in 25 years with WF at the Ranchitos branch in Albuquerque. You clearly do not invest any time or money in training your branch managers!

Wanda Taylor April 28 2014
I was robbed at gunpoint by two masked men on Saturday 4/26 and went to the location in Marietta, Georgia to fill out an incicent report and was given a 2inch by 2inch piece of paper to give my name and phone number and was treated like dirt. I was appalled at the attitude at this location and stated this out you treat your customers. This is unacceptable.

Wendy Peterson July 07 2014
Dear All, I am contacting you regarding a wire transfer from Jason Feingold via his Chase Bank account to my account at Wells Fargo bank. On June 17, 2014 Mr. Jason Feingold wired $1,646.21 to my wells account. After 3 days of no funds posting to my account, Jason contacted Chase Bank and Chase Bank confirm wire transfer to Wells. I contacted Wells and spoke with a Investigation Team member name Lisa at 1-303-384-8540 to learn that the funds were applied to the wrong account and that the account owner is refusing to release he funds. Lisa also assured me that she would elevate to management and contact me no later then the next business day. After two days past, I called Lisa at Wells and left several messages. After another day went by and no one contacted me, I called Lisa 41 times and Lisa never answered her phone. I then went to Wells and spoke with a Christopher Richardson Business Banking Specialist NMLSRID: 976187. Christopher reviewed the information and agreed that the numbers on the wire were correct and called the Investigation Team and emailed the Investigation Team the information that I had provided. It is now July 7, 2014 and it is not 21 days later and no one has contacted us at all. At this point, the only thing we want is for the funds to be transferred back to Chase. Until this is resolved, I have no choice but to share my experience with the public. The Investigation Team is a waist of time. They do not take your call or return calls after leaving several messages. Below is the wire information.

Outgoing Wire Transfer
0472695303/BNF/APPLY FUNDS TO MORTGAGE LOAN NUMBER 0472695303 - 10358
3277000168ES 06/17
BANK: JP MORGAN CHASE; 623 Broadway, NY NY 10012
Account Name: Jason Feingold
Account Number: 790008854465
Wendy Peterson - 617-957-5339
James Peterson - 617-543-3000

Sharon McGill July 25 2014
I need a fax number to corporate office regarding your collections department. Please send me the information ASAP

Barbara Dye August 01 2014
I have had a safe deposit box in your Maple Avenue, Vienna, VA branch since 1993. The cost has always been $105/year. This year, 2014, I received a bill for $145/year, and did not receive notice of any increase. I visited the branch on July 30 to inquire about the additional cost and was serviced by one of your representatives, Ms. Xian, who was less than helpful. She seemed annoyed that I was inquiring about the additional $40, and she could not tell me if the charge had increased. When she asked if I had accounts with Wells Fargo and I told her that I did not, but instead had an active brokerage account, her demeanor changed and she became less concerned about my inquiry. She attempted, at my request, to call your corporate offices and, after being disconnected once, was told that they had not record of sending me any communication regarding an price increase. She told me that they would have to "research the matter" and would "get back to me" in two days. The branch manager, Chris Ade, finally became involved, but he was of little assistance. He told me that he "believed that they had had a rate increase", but he could not tell me what the increase was and suggested I wait for an answer from "their corporate offices". He suggested that I pay the increased charge since my bill was due on August 2 to avoid "late fees", and he would refund me the any overage when an answer from corporate was received. I just received a call from Ms. Xian this morning, August 1, and she informed me that they magically found a record of a letter, when none existed on July 30, being sent to me on July 3 informing me of the $40/year increase. I informed her again that I did not receive any communication and would like them to send me a copy of the letter that they supposedly sent in the beginning of July. She informed me that they could not do that. When I told Ms. Xian that I was unhappy with their customer service, she seemed totally detached and uncaring. I asked if I could cancel my safety deposit box and receive a prorated refund and was informed that they would not prorate the service. I am extremely unhappy with your customer service and, believe that someone at the corporate level should know about the lack of communication provided by your account billing department and the lack of friendly customer service and knowledge of their services provided by your branch employees.
However, after reading other posts to his site, I find that I am not the only dissatisfied customer.

Thomas Geddes September 29 2014
I deposited a check at a Largo, Md branch for $500,000.00. The teller gave me a receipt for $5,000.00----a $495,000 error!!! Completely unacceptable.

November 23 2014
wells fargo dealer services associates are rude and very unprofessional

Ralph D. Edwards April 26 2015
I have been unable to get my Wells Fargo Form 1099 corrected for 2014 after numerous conversations with WF personnel. They have tried unsuccessfully, the problem being with First Clearing. The Tim Horton merger with Burger King last December is the problem area, and First Clearing reported it to WF. I tried to talk with First Clearing, but they said I was not a broker and would not talk to me. It is a simple error that I could easily explain if I could just talk to someone who could make a difference.

Donald Moser June 15 2015
I have been up all morning trying to get a answer about my dispersel check from my IRA I was told it would be ready for me in two days. That was last Thursday. Today I have been trying to get a answer on what was going on. I went to the bank and was told by Shaun Devine that he would find out and let me know. I told him I work graveyard and needed to sleep let me know right away. He called back with a story about how it would take 14 days. I was told 2 days and gave Mesail the delivery instructions we decided next day fed ex was the best. Now it is afternoon and they will not answer me. Shaun was with a customer, the next time I called he had left the office. Mesail was with a customer. Left a message for him and he has not called. I called several times one time it went to a recording telling me bank hours. What kind of bank are they representing. I feel like I should take my accounts else where. Still no call and I need to sleep. This is very disappointing. Please do something about this branch!!!

Donald Moser June 15 2015
Know that I have lost my sleep for the day and will have to work tonight anyway. Thanks Wells Fargo for ruining my day and my investment opportunities!

lori molan June 19 2015
I have a complaint on the viborg sdak branch I ask for a auto loan and it took me 34 days to get the the problemresolved first we had to bring the seller with us to sign papers which should not have been then to find out that you changed the process 2 weeks ago so you dont then I was told that we could not pay the tax and licesene on our own. that this is there policy to find out that 34 days later and no tags or licsence yet can not drive car paying interest on it I was not happy at all Andrew which is nikki boss said this is a convience to you guys I guess I dont see how it is would you like to not be able to drive a car I dont Leslie in the auto loan in phoneix arz has been very helpful to us when I called viborg today to explain that they could of cut a check to turner county for tags Andrew said I dont no where you heard this I explained that I just got off the phone with leslie she had said we work with the customer I explianed that I would give him her number and he told me that the policy s tays the same it goes threw the auto area they take care of it then he also said I go Nikki in trouble with the complaint department saying that I never got the paper work...I explained to him That was never said I what I was upset about was the way the loan went down with bring seller in to sign then not being able to go get my own tags at court house and for them telling me to take liscence plate of return to owner and that the bill of sale is good enough then to find out that no its not and driving a car with just the bill of sale if I would get pulled over its a 120.00 dollar fine. guess what they checked into it and I was right they charged a 99.00 fee for paper work and when I asked for that to be reinbruised they said no they couldnt my complaint is why couldnt check be made out to court house would of solved alot of problems could of got it all done that day instead still waiting not being able to drive car and paying interest on it I would appreciate any help in this matter

Marlene D Kelly August 13 2015
I am a former Wells Fargo employee in Columbia SC. I retired last July, 2014. I am now applying for Medicare and need a form completed by Human resources. No one in Columbia seems to know where the form needs to be sent. Would you please provide me with a number and someone to speak to get this form completed. I am currently with insurance and must have this completed before Sept. 3.

MaryAnn Dunbar January 05 2016
Worst service I have ever received from a Bank

ernest rodriguez January 20 2016
I am upset with your banking service. why doesnt some one answer the phone? I dialed three numbers and no one answers. your service manager refused to cash my check issued by wells fargo. Euro Xiong said he couldnt cash it because my exwife was not present. I told him to call her and he said he couldnt. wells fargo has her phone number and signature on file. You have made me angry!