Ford Corporate Office

Ford Corporate Office Address: One American Road Suite 1026, Dearborn
MI, 48126
Phone: (313) 322-3000

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Ford or Ford Motor Company is an automotive company founded by Henry Ford in 1903. It sells cars and commercial vehicles under the brand Ford and luxury cars under the brand Lincoln. In the past, Ford has also produced tractors, heavy trucks, and automotive components. Today, Ford is the second largest automaker in the US and the fifth largest, globally, based on vehicle sales.

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Destiny January 06 2013
jabotanner Ford is the best car Company!!! Their not gov't (OBAMA MOTORS) Motors like chevy & Dodge!!!! Buy American and you will win every time.... They started and founedd car making and they are still getting better.....Look at Toyota what a joke.... recall after recall.... They claim to be the best and 100,000+ cars have brake problems and other malfunctions that are just now coming out.... Build stuff overseas and you get you parts and supplies that are not worth nothing because they pay their employees oversees a few dollars daily so it dosent give them invcentive to build better products like ford does.... Yes Ford sells and makes cars overseas but you do not see poor quality parts or staggering recalls but they are getting better everyday.... Ya should be proud to drive a FORD!!!! Henry Ford started this business and every car buyer should driving the damn best vehicle on the market today!!!!! Just look at the new Ford Taurus, Fusion, mustang etc.... 30+ miles per gallon.... WOW!!!!! I love America.... thanks for reading this...... god bless the USA!!!! April 29 2011 at 5:02 PM rate up rate down

Joan February 22 2013
I bought a brand new ford focus last year since i bought this car i'am not very happy with the car.Since i bought this car is jerking and shaking Not a very good car .They already fix my car twice but it still the same problem I hope ford will come out how to fix this jerking

scott grogan March 28 2013
I have had my car new for about 4 years and have mass amounts of paint bubbling, rusting and chipping underneath the paint job. This is nothing i have done in regards to damage to these areas and my research has shown this is a problem Ford is aware of. I would like my problem fixed!

Carol July 14 2014
Sheehy Ford Ashland, VA

Around May the 19th, I spoke to Mr. Lovick on the telephone about a Hyundai Sonata we saw on line. I immediately knew he was the salesman for me…we actually had a great laugh about him being the man I was looking for.

I am writing this email to inform you of the excellent service provided by Mr. Lovick. I have been blessed to purchase several cars in my life span and have never felt the need to write the dealership to express my sincere gratitude for such great service. From the telephone conversations prior to coming to your dealership on Friday May 23; my experience at the dealership, we were in and out within 3 hours; and the follow-up service, Mr. Lovick gave us exceptional customer service.

I told Mr. Lovick I wanted to purchase a second car for around 5K, as well as, the Sonata for 15k. He sent me an email with the picture of the 2002 Chrysler Sebring on May 21 to look at for my niece. When I arrived at the dealership on May 23 with my nephew to pick up his Sonata, Mr. Lovick had the Chrysler for my niece ready for us to test drive as well. We are so pleased with both cars, the customer service provided by Mr. Lovick and wanted to write and express our gratitude and to make your leadership team aware of Mr. Lovick’s extraordinary customer service skills!

Carol Wright
Aubrey Woolfolk
Asia Woolfolk

Mary A Winston August 29 2014
I filed a complaint after I purchased my 2014 Explorer with your misleading floor manager Chris. He cheated me out of $4000. After he was fired you sent me an email stated your would look at my complaint and get back and I have heard from you. I just want my $4000 back so please send me a check for that amount
Apparently you had a problem with him otherwise he would still be there