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Hyatt Hotels Corporate Office Address: 71 S. Wacker Dr, Chicago
IL, 60606
Phone: 312-750-1234

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The Hyatt Hotels Corporation owns and operates an international chain of luxury hotels and resorts. It was established upon the purchase of the Hyatt House in 1957. Today, Hyatt Hotels has over 480 owned, managed, and franchised properties in about 45 countries worldwide. Some of the hotels and resorts of the Hyatt Hotels Corporation include Park Hyatt Hotels, Grand Hyatt Hotels, Hyatt Regency Hotels, Hyatt Resorts, and Hyatt Place Hotels.

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Fernando Noveno November 13 2012
Ladies /Gentlemen...
Plz assist us in building a hotel in our historical district area
in Cali, Columbia

robert leblanc February 09 2013
I am staying at the Hyatt in Cancun Mexico and this is the worse experience I have EVER had in a hotel..I expected far more from a Hyatt property.I arrived Jan 31 from New Hampshire..before I arrived I sent several e-mails asking to be put in a quiet area of the hotel.I was aware from the web site that there was some renovations going on but was assured that the work would stop at 5 pm. Everyday since I have been here there has been non-stop work from 7 am to 10pm and later..I was put in a room where there was work going on above me and below me.A total disregard for my request and their assurance of a quiet area of the hotel..I have complained very politely to the management and have been told that the work would stop at 5 pm, this is just an outright lie and I don't appreciate being treated like I am stupid.One morning I woke up at 7 am to the noise of workers directly above, I wanted to have coffee on my balcony with the " Ocean View " and there was a sheet hanging down from the balcony above where the work was going on.The sheet was blowing into my balcony from above and made it impossible to use my balcony.I brought this to the attention of the front desk and some time later it was removed, I have taken photos of this as well as the workers entering and leaving the rooms directly above and below me at 10pm and later,,The night manager assured me the work would stop at 5pm.I am sitting in my room now ( room 1019 ) at 11 pm and they are working below me ..I here banging and furniture being dragged around the room..I am sick of complaining to the management because all they have done is been untruthful with me.I spoken to the night manager in person several times and he always seems to act like he doesn't know what is going on which is just impossible to believe..I have been in resorts around the world and have NEVER has such an awful experience.I consider myself a reasonable person but this situation has become intolerable..It's too bad because this is a lovely property.I am due to leave in two more days Sun Jan 10, and I really can't wait.When I get back I intend to go on every Hotel review web site that I can find and tell people about my experience at the Hyatt Hotel in Cancun Mexico.I will NEVER stay at another Hyatt.I would be happy to talk to anyone who cares enough about my experience here..Robert LeBlanc..PO# 466..Meredith NH 03253 tel# 603 677 6513 April 22 2013
We stayed April 19th and 20th at your Hyatt-Lisle,IL. hotel. It was a nightmare. On Friday evening there was a large tent set up just below the one tower of rooms. The music echoed off the building until 1:00 a.m. We were on the 7th floor and it was impossible to sleep. We had friends on higher floors and they had the same problem with trying to sleep.

There were too many vehicles for the capacity of the parking lot. This resulted in people double parking and parking in restricted areas. If an emergency had occurred, it is our opinion that the responding vehicles would not have gotten through!

We found the rooms very noisy. We could hear the people next door and the people in the halls. We will not stay here again nor would we recommend it to anyone!

Agnes Hancock April 28 2013
I was a guest at Hyatt Place, Seattle on April 27th. The Fire Alarm sounded. I left the room for downstairs exit. A group of people had gathered momentarily. A man approached the group and said, "The alarm came from next door building." Everyone else left except me. I did not understand the information given by this man. Did he mean the fire was next door, but not in this building? I told him I did not know for sure what he meant, only to get the same answer. I was not completely comfortable with this information, needly to say I was still shaken and scared. (I had just come from Boston being near the bombing site where I live.) The man walked away. Another man came towards me, only to repeat the same information, that the alarm was tripped off by the work going on next door. I insisted that he should explain it better, using the code word, "All clear, you may go back to your room".
Then the firemen came. I talked to him about the vague information given to the guests. What the men, presumably managers need to be more specific in emergency situation. That an emergency phone call or announcement could be made to all guests through an intercom, and using the code words. The Firemen suggested that I write to you. I assume you are concern about the safety of your guests.

Pavel August 30 2013
I registered for the Platinum 90 day deal and diunrg that time my wife and I stayed 5 times and I was just awarded today Platinum status until February 2014. The Hyatt website states Platinum will be reached with 5 stays. Did not have to stay 8 times as listed. We live in the Dallas Texas metroplex and the hotels in the Addison area are always very discounted on the weekends if anyone wants to come visit. Hyatt stays were from $53 to $67 per night. Signed up for the Hyatt summer promotion and earned 12000 AAdvantage miles to boot. Now wondering if I should apply for the Hyatt credit card.

Sandy Miller June 01 2015
I enjoyed my stay very much at the Hyatt Regency in Valencia. The room I was in had an office chair that was so very good for my back. I have had back problems and have thrown out many chairs because of it. I would be so appreciative if you could either sell me that chair or tell me the name of the chair or the company where I may buy one. I have spoken to Oksana Gyulnazaryan and she was trying to find the manufacturer for me. I stayed in Room 649. Thanking you in advance. 760-360-4085. I live in Palm Desert. Sincerely Sandy Miller

Anonymous June 29 2015
I would like to remain anonymous as a cook at the hyatt hotel in buffalo.I as well as several cooks there are concerned about the morale in the kitchen there.Chef Mike Wilks has done nothing to boost the morale of employees and is self centered in his approach not showing us cooks anything much and keeping his culinary secrets to himself.I would like to remain anonymous as a cook there so I can protect my employment as a cook there.Thank you for looking into