CitiBank Corporate Office

CitiBank Corporate Office Address: 399 Park Avenue, New York
NY, 10043
Fax: (212) 793-3946
Phone: (212) 559-1000

Customer Service Contact Info:

Citibank is a major international bank which serves as the consumer banking arm of Citigroup, the largest financial services network in the world. It was established in 1812 under the name of City Bank of New York. Today, Citibank is one of the largest bank holding companies in the US, together with JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, operating in over 160 countries and territories worldwide. Aside from the standard banking products, Citibank offers credit cards, insurance, and investment products.

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sunny lyawa October 29 2012
please, Provide the telephone number of citibank new york- energy desk,
399, park avenue, ny10043

Joan Lacerda January 11 2013
Your dispute office in Idaho, especially Jennifer, IS NOT DOING ITS JOB! I have been in dispute since November 29th with no results. I have been hung up on and lied to. I have submitted all the proof that my bill was paid and paid on time. Sears has lost a customer over this debacle.

Tom Hughes January 15 2013
Tell me about it. I have been in dispute 6 years over faulty window installation and damaging my house in the process. 6 years and rather than resolve the dispute, they sell the matter to collections who is trying to sue me. Guess who else will be there too.

ken hagan March 29 2013
how do you reach a person instead of a computer to solve an issue with a credit card??

Chris Davis June 14 2013
How do I get the names and phone numbers of the CEO and the person who over customer service?

Hedda Lennon Solomine April 01 2015
My account was compromised, have filled out documents twice and had them notarized. They have sent a third time, what goes on, I have an account opened which I would like to close and the monies have not been refunded, nor has anyone at Citibank contacted me with info.

I am planning to issue a lawsuit.

Hector R Mendoza April 16 2015
To whom may concern:
Please help me in closing a Citibank account. My debit card number is 5262 2710 4278 7944. I have brought this matter to the attention via two messages within the online banking. Somehow my request continues to be ignored. To the point that when I took a look into the mail room, my messages have been erased.
I made a personal trip to a Citibank and presented my apology with an explanation and followed it with a request to return the $20.00. The person whom interviewed me said, “Don’t worry will just write a note." Well, that did not go properly with me; therefore, I made the decision to close the account. I canceled my direct deposit and withdraw all my money except for the $20.00 that belongs to Citibank. I wrote on the Citibank online message requesting a cancellation of my account, gave an explanation in respect to the $20.00 and got back a redundant message. So I followed up with another note and come to find out that someone deleted the notes. Then I got a new debit card.
I have a simple request, please take back the money that is not mine and close my account.
Truly yours,
Héctor R Mendoza