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General Electric Corporate Office Address: 3135 Easton Tpke, Fairfield
CT, 06828
Phone: 203-373-2211

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GE or General Electric Company is a multinational conglomerate corporation that is based in Fairfield, Connecticut. The company has four segments of operation: Energy, Capital Finance, Technology Infrastructure, and Consumer and Industrial. Some of the products that GE manufactures and markets include locomotives and transportation equipment, aircraft engines, lighting solutions, kitchen and laundry appliances, electric distribution and control equipment, medical imaging equipment, and generators and turbines. GE is also a leading financial services provider through GE Capital.

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Sonia Zoeller March 06 2013
We purchased a GE Profile refrigerator December 2010 for $2,400.00 On January 15, 2013 the refrigerator and freezer stopped working. We called the appliance store we purchased it from and the sent a repair person out after 1 week. The repair person told us it was a 5yr warranty part and called GE Repair to come out to fix the problem. A GE repairman came on January 22, 2013 and said it was bad coils in both the refrigerator and freezer and he had to order parts, on January 28, 2013 the parts and the GE technician came to repair the refrigerator, he put the parts in and charged the refrigerant and the left. We plugged the refrigerator in and waited 24 hours as instructed, the refrigerator still did not work. We called GE Repairs again and on Feb 5, 2013 another GE Technician came out and said the other GE technician forgot to put refrigerant in and proceeded to put refrigerant in the coils. I told him that I did research on the particular model and according to other consumers the compressor and main board should be replaced. He said well he thought what he did would work. Again we waited 24 hours and were disappointed because the refrigerator and freezer was still not working. We called for the 4th time to say it is not working and scheduled another appointment, in the meantime my mother passed away and we had to fly to Buffalo to make funeral arrangements so we postponed the appointment to March 2, 2013, we also called customer care at GE and spoke with Derrick he gave us a case #12779994 and assured us he would make sure our problem would be resolved. On March 2, the GE Technician came to our home again and said there was too much refrigerant and released the refrigerant, again I told him I thought we needed a compressor and main board, he said if this did not work then he would order the compressor and main board on March 4, 2013. We received a call from the automated service that the parts and GE technician would be at our house on March 6, 2013 to fix the refrigerator. Dave from GE (the GE Tecnician) called March 6, 2013 and asked if we received the parts and we said no, he said oh well I guess I will have to find out what happened. He called back and said the parts would be here on Friday March 8, 2013 and a GE technician would be out on Monday March 11, 2013 to install.

Janet Carr April 13 2013
reference 26797925
I bought this ge refrigerator in 2010 frm home depot I bought a 4 year contract in july of of 2012 the frezzer froze up a tech came out and I waited 3 more days for the part to arrive I lost all my meat and groceries. on april 10th of this year 2013 the same thing reacurred the tech came out had to wait for part again today is 4/14/2013 I have to file a claim and only receive $300.00 I have been advised if this happens again I will not receive any monies. I have lost well over $600 worth of food and am forced to buy bags of ice to keep my medicines cool. I am a diabetic not that it matters to your service co a+e electric. they would not give me a Saturday appoint because they were already full. I feel at this point I would like to have this GE refrigerator replaced, since if it were go again I would lose everything again and this time no monies to replace the food. I live on ssdi and do nothave the funds to replace my food again. If there is no response to this complaint I will let all my Facebook friends know. Thank ou in advance for your consideration.
my service address is 3749 thornwood terrace lake ariel pa my phone# is 570 698-1412

Elizabeth Gerst April 30 2013
WE PURCHASED A GE REFIG. MODELGTS201CNBWW SERIAL # 040438 APPROX 5M YEARS AGO. WE STArted to have ice build up in the freezer and had a repairman come in to see if the problem could be resolved. He told us that the covering from the coils in the freezer component are peeling off and going into the drain, therefor the ice buildup. He also said he had never seen anything like this happen. Have you heard this complaint before? I have had freezers and refrigerators for a lot longer than this and never hadd this happen. Please respond to this with some answer. Our phone # is 412-486-7861. We will be waiting for some response

joseph evan November 08 2013
i have a ge washer with a problem that every now and then it will tear the edge pf a towel by pulling on it,,or will tear a small hole in t shirts about the size of a dime.called ge customer complaint 18003861215 and was told to call ge repairman out and check out the washer..after an hour of checking out the machine he could not figure out the problem. his reply was to ored new parts motor,gear spinner etc price $602.00 less 50% .. but this probably would not fix machine problem..cost $96.00 labor for call...the customer relation lady was hard to receive my calls,so everytime you call you have to explain to new person,and they would she will call back,she does then says to call her,, the problem is you can not get her..ask for a supervisor you are told they are all very busy and will call back..the same call back and explain again to a new person and they will have them call you...either they are way to busy with product calls or greatly under staffed ....either way not happy camper

Thomas Cotten Can we get some help 251-490-7014 June 11 2015
We purchased a GE Model # GSE22ESHBSS Serial # SD205280 Refrigerator on 10-25-2014. From Home Depot. I have tried to get this unit repaired. The last time the repairman was here, we had made a recording of the noises coming from the unit. The repairmen told my wife that he had never heard anything like this before. While he was here the unit was making the noise also. I called today ( 6-11-2015 ) to get someone out here to get this unit fixed or replaced.The Lady ?? in customer was very rude,and the more that I spoke with her the madder I got.I became rude as well.She said that the repairman wrote in his report that there was nothing wrong with the unit. ( If you would like to hear the noise I can send the recording ) I have tried on several occasions to contact the repairman but he will not return my calls. Even though he left his name and number if we needed to get back with him.