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Hhgregg Corporate Office Address: 4151 East 96th Street, Indianapolis
IN, 46240
Fax: (317) 848-8723
Phone: (317) 848-8710

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Hhgregg, Inc. or Gregg Appliances, Inc. is a retailer of home appliances and consumer electronics in the US. It currently operates stores in 16 states and has more than 3,100 employees. Some of their retail products include televisions, DVD recorders, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, and dryers, audio hardware, and computers.

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Albert Raya October 04 2012
Last night our washing machine and dryer died. We decided to go to the HH Gregg store on 5700 West Touhy, Niles, Illinois.There was one customer in the store. Upon entering the store, around 7:45pm, a young lady greeted us and ask if she could be of assistance. We told her that we were looking for a dryer and washer but will let her know if we need assistance. After spending about 15-20 minutes we decided to ask for assistance. We call out to the young lady and another empolyee. The man employee said he will go get the appliance person. Now being the only customers in the store, we waited for 7 minutes and no one apperared to assist us..At that point we decided to leave and go to a competitor. They greet us and were professional in every way..We bought the washer and dryer from your competitor., spending $1,254.09 dollars...
Kind of make you wonder why that store does not have a high volume of people when you get service like we did...
Thank you,
Albert Raya

patricia picciotti October 20 2012
I am unhappy with your business policy . I bought a washer and had to buy a dryer also because they are stackable, an expense which I was not ready for. But I bought them under the impression it was free shipping. I was given a form to fill out for a free gift of $100.00 at hhgregg or 79.99 visa card. I was not told you were charging me $79.99 for shipping , so therefor I was not getting anything free. Idonot like this to me it is a scam. I don't want the free gift which is not free. I want the $79.99 taken off my account . Its costing me much more than I wanted to spend as it is . Especially since the salesman kind of covered up the deal. I am hoping you will take care of this matter, other wise you have lost a future customer. I don't like scams.

Louis Supina October 31 2012
I called the number for the Allentown Pa store. Several times I told the lady I wanted info on shipping - she transferred me to a dial tone!! No once, not twice but 3 times!! 3 strikes and you are out!!

I guess I need a competitor who can answer a simple question

Lou Supina

Lisa November 30 2012
I will NEVER step foot in a hhgregg store again. I went to the Berwyn, PA location a couple of weeks ago to order something that was in their flyer and after waiting for about 15 minutes just to talk to someone (because 4 employees had to handle 1 customer who was complaining) they had no idea how to order the item in their flyer. They sent me to the back of the store to talk to someone who didn't hav...e a clue either so sent me to the front of the store. Finally after about a half hour, someone came up to me and tried to help me. They seemed to know what they were talking about so took care of me. However, the item was out of stock so they ordered it and charged by credit card. I was told it would be in this past Tuesday and they would call me. Shockingly no phone call. I called them today only to have 3 different employees say I don't know and keep putting me on hold. The last one never came back so the call looped back to the operator which is the first one that said I don't know. That time I ask to speak to the manager only to get a hard time because I need to tell them why I what to speak to the manager. Ok, I think I already did that first time I talked to this person. Well then I got left on hold again until I hung up, drove to the store and cancelled the order. Oh Best Buys how I've missed you. I will never stray again!

Ed Bond 11-30-2012 December 01 2012
I will NEVER buy another thing from HHHGregg and will tell EVERY person that I know that they are a horribly run business and to shop elsewhere. My wife spent $2,700 in the HHGregg in Deptford, NJ. She was told, and it stated on the receipt, that they will deliver new TVs and take away old sets. The four delivery persons would not take the TV out of the basement because it was too big- admittedly so as it was an old rear projection unit. However, they should have come prepared. Oh by the way, one of the four delivery persons was spotted sleeping in the cab of the truck.
Upon being informed of this refusal by my wife I attempted to contact them by phone. Hah! What a joke! After being on hold with customer service, then the store, then customer service, then the store for 10-15 mins each call over the span of 3 hours while listening to all of the "we're committed to service", "it's what sets us apart", "we're here to HELP", "we're highly trained" BS I was promised they would send the delivery team back when they were done all of their deliveries IF I HELPED THEM. I promised I would.
When the two men came in I asked him where was the guy who was sleeping in the cab earlier. I was told the guy was 70 and he only breaks down cardboard. They took the smaller tv to the truck, closed the rear door and headed to the cab. I hollered to come and get the other, larger TV. The driver looked at me and kept walking. Jumped in the cab and sped off.

So if you think this is the way you want to be treated when you spend $2,700 of your hard earned money at HHGregg then feel free because you'll NEVER catch me near one AGAIN!

And oh btw the phone system stinks as one of the people above alluded to. You get passed from one person to another being placed on hold and forced to listen to their marketing propganda about how good they think they are. Yeah right!

Be wise and spend your money elsewhere.

harvey sweig December 13 2012
Stay away fro hh Gregg. I bought a laptop for my daughter & then paid $40 to have it optimized. My son who fixes computers said they did nothing for the $40. They did not remove unneede popups nor did they install an antivirus like they were supposed to. I complained to the manager @ the Langhorne, PA store & all he did was give me the runaround. I will never ever shop @ another hh Gregg store. Very dishonest & they rip you off.

harvey sweig December 13 2012
hh Gregg stinks. Don't go there. They charged me $40 for an "Optimization" when in fact they did nothing. I complained to the manager who refused to believe what I was telling him. My son fixes computers & he said they did not put the anitvirus on as promised & that they did not eliminate unnecessary pop-ups.l Nor, could I use the computer when I 1st turned it on because it was not optimized. stay away from this store-which happened to be in Langhorne PA since you're going to have a very bad experience. Laptop purchased on November 18, 2012.

Mary December 14 2012
I purchased a Samsung Refrigerator, Washer and Dryer in November. I was charged the $79.99 delivery fee but given a form to fill out and submit to get the fee back. When the delivery was made, the refrigerator freezer drawer was dented. The appliance manager was rude when I called about this and so I decided to just have them pick the damaged refrigerator up and refund my money. I was told that when they received the return back in, that my money would be credited back to my account. Now it has been two weeks and I still don't have the $3,000 back in my account, plus they charged me $79.99 delivery fee again to pick up the damaged refrigerator. I do
not plant to buy from hh Gregg again.

Jenny Walker 18 December 2012 December 18 2012
I am very very disappointed in the service I got from hhgregg store in West Palm Beach Milltary Trail 33409. I DONOT live in the U.S.A I was very excited to shop at the store before it was recommended to me by an other customer in the BAHAMAS. But I had the most horrible expreience I have ever had in my shopping in the U.S.A. Justt want to let some one KNOW

Betsy Johns January 02 2013
I called the Canton, OH store last week Friday 12/28. Left a message for the store manager to return my call. As of today, 1/2/13 no return call. We purchased a dishwasher in 2012. I had to have a service call on 12/21/12, I think that was the date. The dishwasher kept shouting off. The repair person informed my husband that I could only use 1 cycle, they were having the same problem with all these models. I wanted to know, if there was going to be a recall or what. I really do not only being able to use one cycle.

Thank you Betsy Johns 330-605-8764

Nathan Rogers January 04 2013
Well my names Nathan. I was given a present from my mother for Xmas i really don't ever ask for anything but she dicided to get me a TABLET.. she paid for and baught me a nice tablet with Google Play store and a nice touch screen and a video camera and video recorder on it. She wen't the HHGregg to pick it up yesterday and she was told that it was "Discontinued" and they were going to give her and even BETTER tablet in exchange... now my mother doesn't know very much about electronics so she was excited and said yes. So they gave her the COBY Icecream tablet. whatever that is and told her it had an 8" screen instead of a 7" she was told it has a video camera and video recorder which she made very clear she wanted due to the fact that i just had a son and she wanted video taken of him and what not with the tablet.. so she bring it to my house it has NO camera NO video recorder NO Google Play store even though the box is COVERED with google shit. but that is just the operating system there is no GOOGLE PLAY whatsoever... the touch screen IS NOT a touch screen its a screen you have to put PRESSURE on in order for it to work and every time you try and move it it decided to click anything you scroll your finger over...we went to the store location in ORLAND PARK IL. to return it and we were told NO they aren't discontinued but the problem is they have over TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY orders for the one she baught and they dont have enough to give ANYONE what the purchased so they were told to hand out the one they gave my mother. NOW! how the HELL do you have 270 people order something from your store.. and not have it to give them and decide it will be OKAY to give them a piece of shit in its place?! im DUMBFOUNDED. at how a store thinks they can get away with this... it shocks me... not to mention the "Manager" of the store told us that "Oh you can go back onto the waiting list for the product that YOU PAYED FOR but it would in INDEFINITLY?!?!?!?!?" you meen to tell me we can go back on the waiting list for this item but we will be on there forever and never get out product?! again SHOCKED beyond belief that someone could and is getting away with this. i would REALLY REALLY appreciate is HHGREGG headquarters would PLEASE send me an email and try and fix this because as of right now.. the $1600 washer and dryer we just baught from you will be going back and every soul i meet will know how HORRIBLE of a store you guys are running... I wan't what was payed for and if you guys cannot produce this.. then i'm going to make it my goal that everyone i know goes to a store that WILL produce.. because SELLING an item you DONT have and given someone something else of less quaility and changing its price to match what they baught is unacceptable... my E-mail is "Naterog323@gmail.com" i would suggest you contact me..if you are running any type of respectable buisness and not some half asses chop shop scam store... cause its gonna spread like wild fire... again my EMAIL is "Naterog323@gmail.com" i'll be awaiting your response..

Dell A. Afzal January 08 2013
I purchased a 50" 3D smart Panasonic tv 12/26/11 from store FL 146 in Gainesville, FL with the intent to use as a Skype-functioning weekly family reunion vehicle. I could NEVER get the tv to accept the camera. HH Gregg, Panasonic nor the camera manufacturer could help. I abandoned that project and bought an unnecessary laptop for the Skype reunions. Thought I would just utilize the 3D and basic satellite for tv viewing.
The tv has now begun projecting hazy and fuzzy images randomly which makes it totally unwatchable at times and to date my Dish satellite has been completely replaced with all receivers, cables., etc., etc. HH Gregg sends two service techs to see the problem, "yes, we see it but it's a satellite problem" Dish network has replaced all (we don't have the same issues on the other tvs in the house)and they say "no, it's the tv.
I have sent so far 6-8 emails to the Gainesville, FL store asking for help with finally a demand for a replacement or my money returned. I bought a 5 year extended warranty and was told "if anything goes wrong, we stand behind our warranty". THAT DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE THE CASE. The last assistant manager set me up with a third party repair organization and told me to "wait till they call you." No calls, no emails, nothing so I called THEM. This third party repair tells me they "cancelled the order since it was not in their zip code for service" ... no phone call, no email, nothing telling me not to wait for them. At this point I'm ready to dump the tv in the trash.
There is no standing behind the warranty. I can't even get a manager to call me back.
I can't even find out if the store has even contacted Panasonic yet...CRAPPY, CRAPPY BUSINESS, MY BUSINESS WILL DEFINATELY GO ELSEWHERE!

Todd Whitaker February 01 2013
I would like to say that I hate the automated phone system that HH Gregg has is the worst system I have ever tryed to use in 54 years! I's the most un-personable phone system I have ever used and please change it and get a live person (OPERATOR) to answer the phone??? President or VP's please called your system and just try to get to the manager of a store or and operator to just ask a question to please and see what you have?

Pat Czopkiewicz February 01 2013
hh Gregg is the worst run company I have ever encountered. They promise you everything and deliver nothing. The managers don't care and no one calls you back when you complain. I will never shop there again.

Paul S February 17 2013
On 2/2/2013, I purchased a Samsung 60" television from HHGregg in Greensboro, NC. HHGregg was running a Super Bowl weekend special on televisions as were other competitors in the marketplace (Best Buy, Sears, etc.). The television was priced at $1797.00 I was informed that there were no more available in the store and that it could be delivered within a week. My wife and I opened and HHgregg credit card and purchased the television. We were informed that we would be contacted when it came in. We received a call from Jerome Smith (salesperson) that the television was delivered. On Saturday (2/9/2013), I went to HHgregg to pick up the television. After a long wait, I was informed that the television was not available and that HHgregg had no more available to sell me. I asked if HHgregg intended to complete the terms of our transactions and was informed that they could not. I contacted HHgregg corporate and again was told that they could not do anything for me other than give me my money back (which was not an option given the fact that I could not purchase the same television at the agreed to price). They said that they were not ordering any more of this model and that they could not ship the television from another geographic region. Apparently, HHgregg is not concerned about breaching its contracts with consumers. This is clearly an unfair trade practice that should be STOPPED. HHgregg’s supervisor (Joyce) again confirmed that they were not going to be able to complete the contract that they made with me and they could not doing anything for me. There were unwilling to substitute a similar Samsung 60” (model 8000) based upon the claim that Samsung controlled the prices at which they sold the televisions and the model was now more expensive. If I knew that HHgregg was going to defraud me, I would have purchased the television from either BestBuy or Sears, which were running a similar special for $1797.00. Now the price to purchase from these stores is $2500+. HHgregg should be investigated for selling items that it does not have available (and continuing to advertise them). (Note: The same television that I purchased that HHgregg says they cannot sell me remains listed on its website at $2497.99.)

Melody M. April 27 2013
Your store practices are unethical! Why would you not back up your products. We have had an Elliptical 4 weeks which was broken on delivery and after numerous phone calls (from myself, no one at your store) the machine is still broken and still sitting in my bedroom while I am paying the credit debt for it. If you have an ounce of moral character, you, as leadership in this company, would train your employees on how to handle issues such as mine and those above.

MONIQUE June 24 2013
On yesterday, 6/23/13, I purchased a Dell Laptop that was on sale for my godchild, I specifically informed the young lady at the register what I was interested in and she pointed to a sales rep that could assist me. The young man was in a hurry but assured me that the computer I was about to purchase had a Microsoft Office package. When it was time to check out, he handed thee cashier a sales paper and walked off. He never continued the sale. She could not understand his handwriting and had to leave us several times to find him to ask him a question. The young man never thanked us for our purchase and never came back to the desk. So, to my surprise, I get home to set the computer up and decided to show her the Office package and guess what...There was no office package installed. I have to purchase it. I called Dell to find out if this was standard prior to calling the Store manager. He informed me that Office is offered through a trial period and would need to be purchased. He also informed me that HH Gregg is not an authorized Dell supplier. For great information on Dell, I should go to Best But or QVC...WTH!!! Therefore I contacted the store this am...I was placed on hold for 10 minutes and no one ever came back to the other end. I called back to speak with a manager and left my name and number...Never got a call back. Called back again, was transferred to a busy signal where that call was disconnected. I teach Customer Service and will use this scenario in my case studies and will contact the BBB on this issue. I guess I need to stick with what reputable and go where my hard earned money is appreciated! These employees NEED TRAINING AS WELL AS THE MANAGERS!

Michael Durst November 14 2013
I have bought 6 or 7 televisions from in the last 3 years and the last 3 were bought in August. The 40 inch television
deleoped a blue line in the middle of the screen.
As a customer most good businesses with customer service knowledge will allow you to bring
the defective unit into the store and the store handles
the warranty. It seems HH Gregg does not believes in
customer service as they require the cusomer to deal with
the manufacturer for warranty. If this is the company
policy then why buy from HH Gregg as it would be simpler
to just buy online. It is amazing that companies in this
business do not understand that good customer service is
the value that their stores have to sell to create
customer loyality. HH Gregg it seems wants you to shop in the store and buy on line.

good customer service ione

Carazon May 04 2014
I am standing in front of a store in Smyrna GA. Opens at 11am. They ate simply looking at me with the doors locked. It is 15 past the hour. Is this very inconvenient and unprofessional. The website says 11 and so does the door. This is a complaint and I wish to be contacted and explained why this is going on as a consumer, someone should have the courtesy to come and address why they are not opening.

404 902 0779

Jack Sides August 18 2014
Worst experance ever purchasing appliances bought a dishwasher, stove , washer and a microwave on 8/11 Set for delivery on the 25th took the day off for delivery. at noon I called cs and found out my delivery had been cancelled. The dishwasher was not in stock. The fact that I have no stove or cloths washer for over 2 weeks . I went into the store and no one cares, All they could do was cancel my order.Held for over 15 min with cust service and all they could do was refer me to the store where no one cares. I will be posting at every web site I can to warn others about the lack of care or concern about the customer. I called brands mart and best buyes they would be happy to meet comp on price and assured me of a better deliver experance , I have left messages if no one returns my calls today, tomorrow I will repurchase elsewhere. 770 876 3096 this is the number the order is under

Judy James 11-171-14 November 18 2014
We were given a window of time for delivery of our new Samsung refrigerator. It was to be delivered between 3:15 and 6:15 pm. We were to receive a call 40 minutes before delivery. We were given a phone number to call if we were having problems with our delivery. We were also given a site to track our delivery. We were # 10 on the delivery list. We tried several times to call the number if we were having problems. No one answered this number, and there was no voice mail. After tracking to #9 on the delivery list, it finally told that our delivery could not be made. The time we received that message was 11 pm. We had been waiting for eight hours!! When my husband complained earlier to the Southaven. Mississippi store they told him it was an independent delivery business that they had no control over. My, my, my they certainly dropped the ball big time! How said that there is nothing simple in life anymore, but just a headache when trying to give a store your business!